Manage the school in a complex world: check the free webinar and discover the II level master

The leadership challenge and School of the future lies in the ability to face and manage ever-changing change. To govern a school, in a complex world, systematic and integrated, legal, regulatory, administrative, managerial and organizational, vision and leadership skills are necessary. The school must be returned, not only a place of education, but also of education and training, of cooperation, comparisons and sharing, in the perspective of a “humanistic leadership”.

We talked about it and a free webinar, Thursday 28 July realized in collaboration with LUMSA and EIP Italia, is aimed at school managers and teachers who perform or intend to perform strategic functions in the school organization. You can check the recording.

“Strategic Governance of Educational Institutions”
discover the master created by LUMSA ed EIP Italy
in collaboration with ALL-SCHOOL

During the live broadcast we presented the II level master “Strategic Governance of Educational Institutions” created by LUMSA and EIP Italia in collaboration with Tuttoscuola which counts to form the high professionalism involved in the management of educational institutions, providing the necessary skills to both middle management and school management. The training proposal is articulated along the lines of management and governance of the didactic-organizational processes and the framework of values ​​is marked by the perspective of “humanistic leadership”, oriented to the benefits of the various components of the educational community to optimize (students, teachers, ATA staff, families, territory).

The course is mainly intended for graduate teachers of schools of all types and levels, with particular reference to those who perform or intend to perform strategic functions in the organization (didactic, managerial, organizational, coordination). Recipients are also the School leaders on duty for a professional growth in the strategic management skills of the school, as a form of updating.

The Master formally lasts 12 months, gives 60 credits for a total of 1500 hours, of which only 300 are lessons that can also be used remotely (60 asynchronous, 240 synchronous).

The master is included in the program “PA110 e lode” of the public administration as part of the financing of the PNRR, so you can have it with a big discount!

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