Mali – School and Business for your training

It was presented on Monday, February 14, as part of the television program Tonight with (here the Video), the Project “Malia – School and Business for Your Training”.

Mali – School and Business for Your Education – is the initiative designed to spread the culture of knowledge and know-how to young people, by training business people to acquire the skills required by the world of work. The name is a homage to the poetics of the realistic writer Luigi Capuana, born in Mineo (CT) and therefore also a reference to the charm of the territory that inspires and takes us.

Charm is a partnership network formed by the CA Dalla Chiesa Institute, the IterEgo Training Agency, the Eap Fedarcom Employment Agency and CIFA Italia, as well as ITS Steve Jobs as a partner in the marketing actions that implement Malia.

The network will be extended to local authorities, local companies and all stakeholders interested in the optimal conditions for the training of a new class of qualified professionals. An inclusive and sustainable project to prevent young people in the area from finding opportunities for growth and working elsewhere.

Malia at “Tonight with”

Compulsory-age students can participate in training activities, both from third-party media and at risk of dropping out of school, but also unemployed people engaged in ESF courses, as well as workers in continuing education and professionals in the master classes and seminars sector.

The seat of Malìa is that of the Palazzo Ballarò in Mineo, chosen for the presence of the hotel institute, for its historical importance and for its centrality in the Calatino region.

Charm it will be a real accommodation company with protected management: the students of the hotel institute and of the IeFP paths will cooperate in the management of the catering and hospitality, and contribute to the creation of an integrated tourist offer, the promotion of local agriculture . Food excellence and knowledge of the great cultural heritage.

To sign up or get more information, you can go to the IterEgo headquarters in Caltagirone at the vial Mario Milazzo 169, call 0933 060015, send a Whatsapp message to 371 4913569 or visit the Mala website.

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