Mafia, in the papers of the last operation, the boss’s ban on his daughter: “He must not participate in school events for Falcone”

What we hate and do not forget. Not even thirty years later. The behavior of one of the alleged bosses, arrested in the last anti-mafia raid by the Palermo prosecutor, can not be explained otherwise. He had forbidden his daughter to participate with the class in the initiatives to commemorate the Capaci massacre. We are in May 2019, during the preparations for the memory of Giovanni Falcone and the employer, the intent of the wife of a partner was proposed for her daughter to participate in the relative School initiatives on May 23rd. The honorable man’s reaction was strong: after he described the partner’s family member as “cop “he states that he has never given his consent to participate in these initiatives, defined as “what a shame“Repeat that they could not” mix the cards with Falcone and Borsellino. For the investigating judge, it is a “disturbing attitude, the fact that the Mafia” training “did not even spare a young child who, after long preparation, prepared to take part in a school initiative in memory of the regretted judges Borsellino and Falcone” . On the other hand, thirty years after the Capaci massacre, the family names that the investigators hold back the papers are always the same in the maxi joint operation of Mobile Team and of the examination unit of CarabinieriCoordinated by the Anti-Mafia Family Pool of Palermo, led by the Adjunct Paolo Guidoit is also finished Antonio Lo Nigrocalled Ciolla, cousin of the much better known Cosimo Lo Nigro, famous for getting explosives for the Capaci massacre.

The numbers of lightning – There are 29 arrests in prison ordered by the investigating judge Lirio Conti, plus two under house arrest because they are over seventy. And in the great ordinance (1270 pages) there are many blackmail episodes. DealerEntrepreneurs who did not advertise but bent Mafia Family System, even addressing the boss directly to “settle down”. Investigators have even reconstructed up to 50 extortion episodes and a report has been submitted in which 40 or so entrepreneurs are investigated to help and support the Mafia. A social context that is still subject to mafia violence in the Brancaccio neighborhoods, Corso dei Mille and Roccella, east of Palermo. The result of the investigation is total control over commercial activities, the sale of land and even the irrigation of the fields: public water managed by the region, it was stolen by the mafia family organization and sold to private individuals. A cross-section that also takes you back in time through Mafia families. Like that of Lo Nigro: from the Cosimo protagonist of the massacre phase, until Antonino, 43, was released from prison to take over the aid of Corso dei Mille, and the management of the Drug trafficking, Hashish and cocaine, which “could not enter Palermo without the consent of the Cosa Nostra”. During the investigation, 16 red flag arrests were made for possession of narcotics and about 80 kilos of drugs including cocaine, still to be cut, hashish and marijuana seized for a market value of over 8 million euros.

Water business – A mafia that completely replaces the state. That even “divides the water“. As in the case of land irrigation. The water is managed by the Palermo 2 recovery consortium, which is the responsibility of the region.” Thursday? “, So in June 2019 Emanuele Prestifilippo asked Giuseppe Cottone for water. The two shared the expertise of the water with Francesco Greco and Simone Romano. They removed it from the” San Leonardo “pipeline and in exchange for money distributed to the farmers of Ciaculli – Croceverde Giardini and Villabate, at a cost of 13 to 15 euros for an hour of irrigation. And they certainly not only supplied water, they even provided one “Educators“For“ 8 Euros per Moon of Earth. ”A fully privatized public service run by the Mafia family consortium.

Mafia a Sfincione – From water management to freedom management, the step seems to be short: “We are leaving you free, so you understand, because there are needs … because there is now an emergency we need, we need a few hundred euros so that the poor unfortunates do not put them in their pockets! It is to help this poor unfortunate “, here is the” need “of the top, explained by Tommaso Militello to a trader of Brancaccio who recently opened a workshop where he produced sphinx (the typical pizza from Palermo), and where a neighbor recently damaged his load with attack. So Militello offered his protection, in exchange for asking for help for the “poor” prisoners. After gaining the dealer’s approval, however, he took his leave to guarantee a correction on the sphinx: “Another thing, because I’m traveling to Palermo. They complain about this sphinx“That the spice is not very good,” Militello told the Sphinx. .

D’Sensaleria – One of the most flourishing activities arising from the joint operation of the Carabinieri and Police is that of the “sensaleria “. The Mafia families have in fact offered a mediation service for the purchase of land or real estate, of course despite a registration in the Chamber of Commerce, with a fixed percentage of the service of 3 percent. And whoever bought what, they told them. “… now we have to start what he has to say”get up easily“. The property has already been determined by the owner to the buyer, with much advance notice. But the owner is announced by Emanuele Prestifilippo to persuade him to sell it in favor of Girolamo Celesia. it is then that the group decides to change strategy and approach the buyer immediately to order him to “get up.” So it happens and the buyer, less determined than the owner, avoids the purchase. The house is given to him. Celesia sold to her sister in her favor.

The Theft of Masks – And could not miss a part of Business related to Covid. “How Many Are Five Cartoons”. “Five hundred euros per box”. “Five hundred euros per box?! Fuck ..! “So they talk on February 19, 2021 Pietro Garofalo In the Giuseppe Castelliboth workers of the “Palermo Emergency Basin“(Ex pip) on duty at Civic Hospital. The cartons contain 16 thousand Ffp3 masks, stolen and resold to the numbers they are talking about. Everything confirms a context founded “already in cultural and ideal expression – writes the investigating judge – exactly on a principle of Opposition to the foundations democratic freedom and respect for the rules, repetition of words “cop‘oder Policeman‘what real insults are found in various intercepted conversations.

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