Maddaloni, the school agenda “My Diary” presented at the National Boarding School

Friendship, solidarity and legality are among the main topics of the “My Diary” school agenda, which was presented this morning at the “Giordano Bruno” National Boarding School in Maddaloni (Caserta). The Order of the Day, now in its ninth edition, has been prepared by the police with the support of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the State Printing and Coin Institute.

The Deputy Chief of Police in charge of Coordination and Planning, Maria Teresa Sempreviva, Valter Farris Technical Director of the Department of Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources participated as witnesses at the Maddaloni event, presented by actress Miriam Candurro. of the Ministry of Education, Roberto Cammarelle, Olympic Gold Medalist and current head of the Boxing Section of the Gold Flames of the State Police and two young actors, Sofia Piccirillo (Bianca) and Gennaro De Simone (Jimmy), who performed as part of the soap “Un place in the Sun “conveys social messages and positive values ​​associated with the world of school. The head of the boarding school, Rocco Gervasio, is the host.

The agenda, which to date has involved over 500,000 students across the country, is considered a valid learning support tool in the education of young people, useful for teachers and parents. It is an agile tool that involves children, especially through the adventures of the protagonists Vis and Musa, their four-legged friends Lampo and Saetta and Budgie Gea, but it is also educational because it addresses the issues of health, sports, environment . , Inclusion, road education, proper use of the Internet and social media, bullying and cyberbullying, but also civil war and digital citizens. And then there is him, Geronimo Stilton, the journalist Maus, who also accompanies the children on this journey from education to legality.

“I strongly believe in this initiative, which raises children’s awareness of the importance of rights and obligations,” said Prefect Sempreviva, in his double capacity as Deputy Chief of Police and National Authority PON. ‘Exercising certain powers such as “friendship, respect, laughter, kindness are all that children already have and that our police officers try to teach them to use these ways to reach children”.

In the hall, among the children of the institute are also the mayors of Caserta, Marcianise, Maddaloni, the president of the province of Caserta, Prefect Quaestor, the prosecutor of Aversa Nord and Santa Maria CV Among them also present some athletes from the youth boxing section Gold flames from Marcianise and Caserta and a representation of student agents from the Caserta Police School

The event was also witnessed by Valerio Catoia, standard bearer of the Republic, a young Paralympic athlete, testifying to police of the national campaign against discrimination on social networks and online hate. Valerio, nominated “Honorary Policeman” in September, has since become a character in “My Diary”, which is added to the other “Superheroes of Legality” to spread the values ​​of friendship, kindness and ‘inclusion’ . The boys of the Convitto Junior Orchestra concluded the event with the Italian national anthem.


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