Mad if to send it. How to make a request for availability

The optimal time to do Request to be made available (MAD)? The Summerin view not only of the September back to schoolbut also of any vacancies associated with projects and activities during the summer months Summer Schoolwhich this year – we remember – are enriched by the presence of many students from Ukraine.

In Italy, there are many territories involved Schools short of alternatives:as well the mads are sold out and schoolchildren are forced to enter enrolled at the university or self-employed as with COVID-19 have experienced a decline in employment. To put it bluntly – in an interview with ‘School of Technology‘- ass a teacher at the head of a comprehensive Tuscan institute.


In recent months, even managers have been forced to convene Pupils of primary school scienceseven in the early years so just over twenty years old.

The situation is deteriorating in the context of technical and scientific disciplines, which suffer from the greatest shortage of teachers, and for the support of students with disabilities, for whom non-specialized teachers are often forced to resort to non-specialized teachers.

For all these reasons, the Mads are a resource for the school, a tool to address the critical issues related to substitutes.

So what were you waiting for?

Do not miss the opportunity to collect points and work where you always wanted to: Send your MAD now so that the institutes of interest can call you at the appropriate time. Leave no stone unturned: Massively applicable in all Italian schools of interest as teachers, educators and ATA staff. Try the MAD Online® platform for free and without obligation, which allows you to send your personalized MAD ad hoc to any public school and over 10,000 colleagues
Italy. You will be sure that your application has reached its destination as it is the only platform that allows you to send independently with your personal PEC. If you do not have it, you can use the system!

And for all the schools that no longer accept applications via traditional channels?

At you will find all useful information for the correct and professional preparation of your application.

MAD Online® is the only Italian service that allows you to try for free what it offers to generate 15 days and up to 10 applications.

If you are satisfied with your test, you can choose to subscribe: with an investment of a few tens of Euros you can send your questions to any Italian public school, over 10,000 peer-reviewed Italian schools and Italian schools abroad for the whole school Year.for both support in your competition classes and ATA places.

You can contact the staff of Scuola Web Italia, the company that created the platform, for help via chat, phone, email and Facebook group.

Register for free and without obligation, the economical, secure and transparent platform, and candidates in all the schools of your interest: The service also includes ARGO MAD and NUVOLA MAD. At no extra cost you can reach all the schools that have chosen to get applications with the Argo and Nuvola system with one click.

To solve the problem of schools that no longer accept requests by e-mail, but want to engage the insane in their own form, Web School Italy, He also developed and built the platform. A innovative Service which will allow you to save a lot of time: with MAD Form School in fact, an operator will submit your application to the various forms of schools. Request one or more estimates for free and without restrictions to cover the areas of your interest.

With MAD Online® and MAD Form Scuola, you can be sure you have signed up all schools present in the provinces that interest you. What were you up to? A school might be looking for you!


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