Lombardy, first job six months after graduation: high specialization gives job

Mario Draghi has invested 1.5 billion euros: this is the investment decided in recent months by the Prime Minister and his government for the High-Tech Institutes (ITS). And according to Lombard data, betting does not seem like a gamble: 82% of students find a job within 6 months of graduation. But not only that: in Lombardy it happens that companies ask for the extension of some study courses in ITS, because they train specialized professionals, of which there is particular demand. This is for example the case of the aircraft maintenance technician and of the relative course whose doubling is required. While awaiting the effects of government investment, Lombardy is its own school. It is in fact the Italian region that has the most study areas in this segment of the school offering and the largest number of students.

The trend related to enrollment it is constantly growing, but despite this and despite the results in terms of employment, the technical colleges are still little known compared to other courses, both because they are a relatively recent invention and because they have a special classification in the school hierarchies. Founded in 2010 by the Ministry of Education, they offer courses that last from two to three years (depending on the degree of study) and only those with a high school diploma can enroll: this is a level of education that ranges. above the ordinary high school and below the university. What distinguishes ITS is the high level of specialization and – as already mentioned – the direct relationship with the companies in the sector. It is no coincidence that at least 30% of teachers come from companies. The Lombard situation, therefore.

In the’School year in progress (2021-2022) Lombardia ITS has a total of 4,688 members, 36.9% more than in 2020-2021. The increase in enrollments, however, is a constant already from the school year 2015-2016, where enrollments were only 1,332. At the same time, the course of the study also increased: 193 active today, against 142 in the previous year. The areas of studying are highly specialized, but also very current: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, transport and logistics, mechanics, business services, tourism and culture, as well as information communication technology (ICT), mechatronics, life technologies, biotechnology, agrifood, furniture wood and fashion.

The Lombard Province in which there is more supply of courses Milanwith 55 addresses, then Bergamo50, an Varese 24. Right in the latter province, to be exact in Somma Lombardo, i.e. a stone’s throw from Malpensa Airport, there is the course for “Higher Technician for Aircraft Maintenance”, much appreciated by the players in the sector. To close the other provinces: Brescia with 23 study courses, Como mat 13, Monza and Brianza mat 10, Pavia mat 7, Lob mat 3, Cremona, Sondrio, Mantua and Lecco with all 2 courses.

“Our region has believed in this training segment since its inception,” commented Lombard Governor Attilio Fontana -. We are talking about tailor-made training courses for companies in our area always looking for qualified staff to grow and compete in the world. It is no coincidence that in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan we are investing 1.5 billion euros throughout the system and we as a region are ready to play a game as protagonists. “
Also Melania Rizzoli, Regional Counselor for Training and Employment: “Businesses are directly involved in these ways, at least 30% of teachers come from the world of work, they are involved in didactic planning and students spend half the time in the Company trained. “. But, the commissioner concludes, “many citizens still do not know what ITS is, we have to explain it well. We are talking about alternative higher education courses at universities”.

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