Locri, also the Liceo “Zaleuco” in commemoration of Paolo Borsellino · Il Reggino

“An afternoon full of emotions”. So the Zaleuco high school in Locri describes what was experienced last Tuesday, July 19, under the sign of the street dedicated to the judge. Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellinoto commemorate the death of the latter, which took place on the same day and at the same time thirty years ago in Via Mariano d’Amelio in Palermo.

An explosive device with unprecedented intensity exploded just as the judge was on the intercom to his mother to accompany her to the cardiologist. In an instant, he and five members of his escort were torn apart: Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina.

At the event, in addition to the military authorities, the municipal administration, in the person of the mayor Giovanni Calabrese and the councilor Domenica Bumbaca, various citizens, and above all the presence of the schools.

And a representation of the Zaleuco Scientific High School of Locri could not be missing, in the person of Vice-Principal Vincenzo Romeo, accompanied by Prof. Rosella Fontana, Prof. Raffaela Cortese, and the two former representatives of the Institute, Giorgio Arcidiacono and Angelo Praticò.

The latter said that he was “proud to complete his representative function with a flower, to participate in a moment of such high civic and moral standing. A school, Liceo Zaleuco, which never stops imparting values ​​to its students, recalls a legality which is not only made of rules to learn, to remember, but of attitudes to live, to be embodied in social life, to create an environment more and more aware of doing the right thing, without exaggeration, with respect and dialogue, which can remove the pseudo-security dictated by an oppressive, violent and conspiratorial attitude ».

Borsellino’s sacrifice was not only that of a judge who represented the institutions, but also that of a man who loved to laugh, the joke, the lover of his country, passionate about his family. The real lesson lies in this: to be true and authentic citizens, one must first be loyal, authentic people who know how to be amazed by beauty, who know how to find it even where it does not seem to exist, even in the deepest darkness ».

In short, we have to believe in it and have courage.

“And that’s why it takes a school education that points to knowledge, connects it with the desires of the boys, to weave a stubborn, resilient and free man, capable of facing the future in its complexity head on. Citizens who a proactively melting future, overcoming all the uncertainty of the socio-political situation we are experiencing today. Therefore, thanks to Liceo Zaleuco for continuously stimulating healthy and ethically commendable ideals in an excellent way ».

After placing a crown to remember the moment of the massacre, Councilor Bumbaca read a few sentences from Judge Borsellino. In the end, everyone resumed their path, but not alone, bringing a part of Paolo Borsellino with them. “The fight against the mafia must first of all be a cultural movement that everyone is used to feeling the beauty of the fresh smell of freedom that would counter the stench of moral compromise, indifference, contiguity and therefore complicity” (Paolo Borsellino )

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