LIVE | Obligation to vaccinate and reintegrate suspended teachers, Government responds [VIDEO]

The government is responding to the vaccination obligation and the reintegration of the suspended teachers. At 15:00 in Parliament two parliamentary questions on education.

The first is by the Democratic Party regarding PNRR, the second by Italia Viva, on the other hand, concerns vaccination.

At present, the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, is positive for Covid-19. In order to answer these questions, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà.

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The Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Incà, answers questions, addressed to the Minister of Education, on the implementation of the interventions provided for in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, in the field of education, in particular on the guidance system for students (Vum Giorgi – PD) and on initiatives related to the return and service of school staff not vaccinated against Covid-19 (Toccafondi – IV)

Teachers who are not vaccinated: they will work 36 hours a week on collegiate and training activities. The indications of the Ministry

First question


The aim of the interventions provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is to provide young people with the necessary tools to take an active part in the social, cultural and economic life of the country, to enable capable and deserving people to achieve the highest levels of education. to reach and facilitate. their entry into the world of work. In this context, it is also about integrating digital technologies into the education system;

the bulk of the resources allocated to education finance investments and reforms in Mission 4 (‘Education and Research’), under Part 1 (‘Strengthening the provision of educational services: from kindergartens to universities’);

In particular, it concerns six reforms, which are to be adopted by 2022, which will help put the school system at the center of the country’s growth, and fully integrate it with the European dimension. Measures shall be taken on the reorganization of the school system, on the training of staff, on the recruitment procedures, the guidance system, the reorganization of the technical and vocational institutions and the higher education institutions;

of which was proposed, the reform of the system orientation modules of not less than 30 hours for students from the fourth and fifth grade will be introduced and also a digital orientation platform in connection with the offer of tertiary education of universities and higher technical institutes;

during the last hearing, in the public and private works, Social Security Commission of the Senate of the Republic, in the context of the fact-finding survey on the channels of entry into the world of work and on the vocational training of young people, we learn from the Minister questioned the possibility of expanding the modules of orientation to the high school, also to pursue a conscious choice of study and to combat the closure of the school;

the resources allocated to the introduction of orientation modules for female students and students attending the fourth and fifth years of secondary school;

the introduction of leadership modules is also appreciated and shared by high school students -:

What are the guiding principles that the requested Minister intends to pursue in sharing and implementing the reform of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Object and in particular, such as methodologies and objectives, as well as additional resources, they intend to activate to introduce the management system from the first year of secondary school.

Sweat Fro

TOCCAFONDI, ANZALDI, NOJA, BALDINI, FREGOLENT, HUNGARY, MARCO DI MAIO, OCCHIONERO and VITIELLO. – And the Minister of Education. – To know – provided that:

the law decree n. 172 of 2021 introduced the vaccination obligation for school staff of 15 December 2021 and found that the control of non-compliance determines the immediate suspension of work, even if without disciplinary consequences and with the right to the relationship of the Work they get;

the same provision provided that no remuneration is payable for the suspension and that the Ministry of Education must notify the Ministry of the Economy and Finance monthly of the units of the school staff without vaccination and suspended from service;

with decree law n. 24 of 2022, the vaccination obligation for teachers was repeated until 15 June 2022, as well as establishing that vaccination is an essential requirement to carry out pedagogical activities and contact with students, but the provision that the suspension provided, lost effect. from work and pay, assigned said staff to specified support activities for the school institution;

for non-teachers and school managers, a later note, dated March 28, 2022, interprets the device specifying that they can be readmitted to the services and used for all normal activities, as if the class were the only place of the school. visited by students and colleagues;

In the opinion of investigators, the choice therefore seems to contradict what has been argued so far about the necessity of vaccination, especially at a time when infections are starting to grow again, but above all a strong educative message to the student population, who are shown as those who violate the law are more protected than their colleagues who choose, though not easily, to respect it;

the higher costs are estimated at 30 million euros and about half of them are covered by the use of the Fund for the Improvement of Teaching Professionalism and the contract, so that the resources of the vaccinated teachers are taken away -:

if, in the light of the critical issues raised, it is not appropriate to take initiatives to reconsider the choice to reinstate non-vaccinated staff and in any case what initiatives it intends to take to prevent their return to the school provides health. of students and ” other staff and causes negative consequences also with regard to the use of resources allocated for merit in the contract, also in light of the fact that to date the number of persons living under the suspension of the work were subject to, is not disclosed and how many of these have also been effectively suspended from salary.

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