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A coordinated community in the area to provide young people with a range of high quality services, opportunities and information.

Coordinate the provision of services aimed at young people aged 15 to 34, orientate interventions on real needs and personalize the response to the specific needs of the people, improve the network of youth information desks as a preference channel, in a system and Network logic. On this line of approach and in light of the growing needs of opportunities and opportunities that support young people in building their personal and professional project, the project was born. B Young – Brianza Youth Networkpromoted with a loan of € 70,000.00 as part of the regional call for “Lombardia è dei Giovani 2021”.

B Jong is a project presented by a joint partnership from all the municipalities of the Carate Brianza area (Albiate Commune, Besana Commune in Brianza, Biassono Commune, Leader through the Piano Office, Briosco Commune, Carate Brianza Commune, Lissone Commune, Macherio Commune, Renate Commune, Sovico Commune, Triuggio Commune, Vedano al Lambro Commune, Veduggio Comm Colzano Commune, Municipality of Verano Brianza), by the Municipality of Cremona (Leader of the Regional Platform Orientation Talent Hub project, funded by the Lombardy Region as part of the call for proposals “Lombardy belongs to 2020”) and by the private partners Spazio Giovani, Meta Cooperativasociale and Abstract.

B Young wants to be structured around two main objectives:
Support capacity building initiativesAccompanying and assisting hours for the exchange and transfer of good practices in the field of youth policy of the territory of the Carate Brianza region, with particular reference to the issues of orientation and the world of work, the mobility of young people and the fight against inconvenience Youth and gender-based violence;
support direct interventions for the benefit of young people in the area To promote autonomy, personal and professional growth and active participation in community life.

In particular, the project actions include:
Creating a coordinated system of services for integrated and shared management through the establishment of a task force of specialists to support and in addition to the local area hub (the youth information center of the municipality of Lissone) for the centralized management of PIREO – Regional Talent Hub Orientation Platform as a sharing and support tool for operators for quality management of services and for young people for the provision of opportunities and resources.
Young people will have the opportunity to interact, including online, with services and qualified operators, as well as to find reliable, verified and accessible information.
Transformation of youth information in Lissone into a territorial HUB of the area and creation of a network of points / antennas / micro-hubs (real and / or virtual) the contact points of the territory with the activities and services for young people related to the topics of orientation and the world of work and youth mobility with levels of personalization at local level and aligned with the needs expressed by the partnership. Informagiovani are political tools for and with local youth:
they are not limited to information providers, but plan and organize counseling and guidance initiatives that primarily involve local schools, promote policies that as a whole help young people participate in social life and support them in the education process. of growth. They are public places where it is possible to find information and advice on school and vocational training, work, culture and leisure, lifelong learning, mobility and travel, social life and volunteering, positive and healthy lifestyles, sports and rights, national civil service. , European Voluntary Service.
The Lissone Youth Information Center is being strengthened as a broader territorial service, in the light of the positive experience gained in recent years in the municipality of Lissone, and will become part of a coordinated system at regional level (Regional Talent Hub Orientation Platform ). Our HUB is recognized by the territory as a reference point and support for the easily accessible and high-quality youth population through the modularity (training, information and counseling actions), flexibility (phygital optics) and the communication strategies integrated with them.

Road training
The action provides for the implementation of a Territorial Road Education intervention capable of activating the latent resources inherent in adolescents and young people visiting informal aggregation groups of the territory of the Carate Brianza region and at the same time strengthening communication networks and pedagogical skills . the topics that make up the educational community. The intervention will make it possible to generate educational assistance activities that are able to reach the children who normally struggle to access the services dedicated to them, through a direct connection on the road. The action also aims to reconnect young people and adolescents (with particular reference to issues living in difficulty) with the social fabric of their territorial context of belonging (neighborhood, city, etc.), to create synergies and collaboration with the operational skills create. present in the pedagogical field. The education of
Strada Territoriale enters into a relationship with youth groups to promote their full expression of civil rights.

B Jong will be present on social networks with the opening of two pages dedicated to the project (on Facebook and Instagram channels), structured in different thematic sections (B Oriented, B Professional, B International, B Together, B Cultural, B Digital just to name a few) who have provided to the community of young people in the field of high quality information, personalized services and food for thought and update and provide various areas, in a logic of system and new composition of the provision of services to young people in the area by Carate Brianza.


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