Liguria, two measures and 16 million euros for training

The regional council has given the green light on the proposal of the training advisor for both the new programming of education and training courses for the three-year period 2023-2026, with an allocation of 11.7 million euros, as VET in the dual system for the ‘Training year 2022/2023 with a commitment of 4.8 million euros.
“The two Cuban measures total resources for over 16 million euros between PNRR, ESF, national and regional resources – explained the president of the Liguria region – proves the commitment of this council to professional training, in an increasing synergy strong with the needs of companies , to guarantee a job for young people who complete their training. The logic is that of the supply chain, to ensure continuity in the professionalizing choices of students. The program aims at the choice of families and students towards Accompanying professions that are in great demand on the labor market and combating early school leaving, especially at the age of obligation “.
The 3-year course is aimed at compulsory school students who have completed a secondary license (middle school) and enables them to fulfill the principle of the duty to education and vocational training, which is provided for in the current legislation. In addition, they allow a formative chance to be given back to students who want to have another option because they are in trouble or in any case are not satisfied with the path they have taken.
“With this resolution we plan, for the period 2023-2026, the qualifications for 36 courses – adds the councilor for education and training – an offer that is congruent with the territorial needs and with respect to the orientation of the young people is diversified. . We have done it after an extensive discussion, to carry out a combined analysis of the labor market and the employment needs of Ligurian companies”.
The timing of this announcement is already defined. “The results of this announcement will be available in October – stressed the counselor for school and training -. In Salon Orientations we could provide complete information in a timely manner: children and their families know what the overall training offer for the next school year both in school and in vocational training, in full awareness and conviction that professional training has the same dignity as school. In fact, one must not forget that we are talking about an educational measure that meets the needs of the labor market, which has a specific has a professionalizing connotation, and also a high value in contrast to early school leaving. In this sense, the positive results of vocational education grow compared to last year (ALFA data from May 2022) with 81.2% (+ 5.3% in relation to 2021) of the students who at the end of the courses three-year students continue to study or find work, results that the whole remain high also for the types of the dual system: fourth year and apprenticeship.

In the same meeting, the regional council approved the planning of the IeFP courses in the dual system for the training year 2022/2023 with an economic commitment of 4,881,173 euros.
The provision provides for apprenticeship courses, 4th year courses and specific ‘anti-dispersion’ courses with strong personalization for young people aged 17 to 25 with a maximum duration of between 990 and 1200 hours and modules for NEET young people aged 16 to 25 Year ahead, with realignment activities in laboratory form, which allow them a transitional period of reactivation before any enrollment in ordinary and double three-year courses of the regional VET system. As part of the dual PNRR system, it was decided to finance further courses: additional 3-year courses compared to the ordinary programming to meet the expectations of many young people who have not yet managed to obtain a diploma, ‘dual extra right-duty’ ‘ aims for” acquisition of an IeFP or IFTS qualification or on individual competence units; ‘experimental’, courses provided by accredited training bodies in laboratory form for students already enrolled in school courses and vocational institutions, with the aim of re-motivating and reorienting children in difficulty on the normal educational path, to avoid failure to prevent from school.
“This year, in addition to the usual national funds, the resources of the PNRR, mission 5 will be introduced into the system – adds the adviser for training – The result is a unity and complementary programming, which will be supported by a strong component of the professional training is carried out. in the workplace with the aim, skills in parallel with the acquisition of transversal cultural knowledge and skills typical of improving the professional figure to which the path refers. The set of actions provided for in the two resolutions have a potential impact on over 3,000 young people.

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