Liceo Volta is busy, the protest has stopped. In a manifesto (700 signatures) the proposals of the students –

After a week at Volta High School, we are back to normal activity. The themes in the document include the recovery of sociality and a reform of the evaluation system

A five-page manifesto signed by 701 students. With the drafting of this document, which contains the wishes and requests both to the Director, Domenico Squillace, as well as to the institutions, the crew stopped at Volta High School. A protest that lasted a whole week and who saw a large turnout, with hundreds of students every day and also friction moments with the management, which opposed the independence of the courses. Volta students left the institute on Saturday to take part in anti-conflict demonstrations in Ukraine in Piazza Duomo. But first they completed the signing of the manifesto with 701 signatures. Elo it will be delivered to management and institutions. The manifesto contains critiques and suggestions which come after two years of demented listening. We want to make public our requests, motivations and demands, which were not only overlooked in the Covid era, but above all before and after the students’ explanations.

Student Demands

First topic, sociability. In the last two years, inclusion in the school environment for students of the first state complex, in some cases almost impossible. We believe that the school has done too little to favor it and the data confirm this: 83 percent of students said school should help them rebuild their lost sociality. Hence the demand for travel restoration and also the open school project, which has allowed people who have difficulties to study different subjects, to be helped and assisted by classmates or older students. Second topic: the voices. Students ask for a review of the system: The importance of numerical evaluation should be reduced (because we study only for fear of “bad” grade and we try to reach the “good” grade, thus neglecting the content) to go further a description analytically, including in a judgment about the level of mastery of competencies achieved by the student, with suggestions for improvement.

The school board

In addition, students they would like more representatives on the school committee: not the current four, but 8, the same number of prof . The figure of the principal has gained more and more power at the expense of the students and teachers. We demand that decisions be made within the school, taking more account of the people who experience the school. Among the requests to the institutions, however, greater interventions on school buildings, the elimination of precarious work for teachers, but also pedagogical training for all of them. And then a declination of civic education on current issues. We want the school environment not only to be livable, but to be tailor-made, and therefore to hear our inconveniences and requests. Occupation is a powerful act that we hope we understand how much this school model does not satisfy us.

The director’s answer

It makes me want to read that they do not feel heard, because, for my part, the listeners never lacked and also the support they demonstrated last year to reopen the schools. But in fact, in these two years I have been very focused on working the machinebetween tracking and everything else answers teacher Domenico Squillace. Which opens up a possible discussion on the subject of evaluation. I taught for 17 years in experimental schools, in the 1980s, in Verbania and the mark of every single test, expressed by thirty, was motivated in writing. In addition, the final report card assessed the levels of skills and competencies with ratings ranging from A to E, according to the Anglo-Saxon system. The pure high schools, or those not associated with technical or professional and with a single high school address, such as de Volta, are from this point of view in the absolute Middle Ages. That the generation of metaverse, which comes from two years of covid, is judged in the same way as my father, who was from ’26, was undoubtedly judged in high school. The boys therefore have the right to ask for clarity. May at other points, Squillace says, the poster is full of inaccuracies. Travel is allowed only by white zone and other white region. Lombardy still not. Some trips were made in October when the law was different. But not that there is a line of class councils asking to be executed and understood. Instead, the school activities that mixed different classes have now reopened, otherwise, with an average, in January and February, of 10 classes with positives per day, I would soon find myself with the whole school in quarantine. Finally, Representation in the school council: regulated by state law. In addition, in Volta instead of 4 student representatives there are only 3. Out of 1200 students from the school, only a list with 3 members was presented. Let us fill this in with representation.

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