Liceo Marconi, Maturity for Experimental 4. Q: “Lots of 100, awesome students”

First important milestone for the four-year experimental scientific high school of Marconi di Foggia: the 24 students (8 girls and 16 boys) of the 4Q have completed the high school exams in the last days with a brilliant result: nine graduates with 100, of which three with Honor, further eight with a degree above 90.

As in most European countries, four-year-olds can take their first steps into the university at the age of 18; some of them, yes, have not yet reached the age of majority. Like Marco and Antonio, both 17 years old, who passed the medical test at the San Raffaele in Milan and are among the youngest freshmen in Italy. And then there are those who have already entered engineering at Tor Vergata, while those who have now passed three competitions even have the opportunity to vote. Especially during the oral interview, students demonstrated that they had achieved all-round skills. The president of the commission, Prof. Maria Bruna Fallucca, also congratulated the students and the class council for the work that has been done in recent years, based on innovative methodologies and a strong interdisciplinary approach.

The four-year experimental course started in the 2018/2019 school year, following a call from the Ministry of Education. Methodological innovation, use of digital technologies, cooperation work, internationalization (mother tongue teacher for 4 years, teachers with the Clil methodology) are the elements that characterized the path, despite the pandemic, “which certainly put us to the test, forced us reviewed our initial programming – say the teachers of the four-year course – but put a lot of pressure on the dissemination of digital learning, thanks to which the class never felt far from the school, disunited, disoriented “.

“For us, the four-year course – they add – is a challenge to improve our work and today we want to thank these guys. They too have taught us something and we are grateful to them for the opportunities they have given us to to grow and improve. And now the experience continues, yes doubled. “Last year’s announcement – says the teacher prof. Piera Fattibene – confirmed the experiments in our high school, and allows the establishment of a second four-year course that will have a scientific-environmental curve. We strongly believe in the potential of this experiment, which will not only allow students to mature the soft skills required today by the world of work, but will also provide a strong input to our institute in terms of innovation in methodologies, creativity, spirit of collaboration in important work. of the education that the school conducts every day ”.

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