Lessons in the field at Tonda Gentile for the students of Agraria di Grinzane – Lavocedialba.it

For the second time in the history of the school, in fact, the large plot of about 2 hectares, planted with the famous Tonda Gentile of the Langhewas presented to the collection with the valuable and formative participation of the students.

The hazelnut grove, cultivated by applying two forms of agriculture and also used to experiment with sustainable and innovative culture tests, is for all purposes a production branch of the agricultural company, of the educational institution, which is also suitable for the cultivation of the most important local grape varieties, including Nebbiolo suitable for Barolo Docg.

The practical activities in the field, in the context of a real school yard, have a fundamental didactic value for the students of the agricultural school; In fact, during the three-year course to obtain the title of Agricultural Operator and the subsequent two-year period leading to the Higher Diploma, students have the opportunity to personally follow all the phases of cultivation, from planting, to cultivation care to harvest.

Then, thanks to the recently updated and implemented technological laboratory, the students will be able to carry out the most important quality analyses: from the evaluation of the production per hectare, to the yield to the shell, to the optimization of the adjustment parameters of the harvesting machines to a properly selected Product guarantee.and collected with the correct levels of residual moisture.

The spaces and equipment provided at the school also allow the implementation on a small scale of some of the most important processing operations of the trilobat: from simple shelling and roasting, to the production of grains, to the Evaluation of packaging methods. to ensure adequate shelf life until consumption.

In the coming years, thanks to the implementation with specific equipment and the further expected increase in the production of the school’s hazelnut soil, it is expected to further increase the variety of operational experiences in the food laboratory.

Finally, in the last three years of study there is no lack of insight into logistics, marketing and agricultural economics with a particular focus on the core to prepare students for the world of horticulture not only with high-profile technical skills to face, but also with the right entrepreneurial vision to ensure economically sustainable choices in a constantly evolving market context.

Obviously, the “art of coriliculture” is only one component, albeit an important one, of the course of study offered by the Professional Institute of Agriculture of Grinzane Cavour, which goes from viticulture, another pillar of technical and professional training, to cereal crops , fruit, horticultural and floricultural crops in open ground and greenhouses, with in-depth studies also on the zootechnical sector, with particular reference to the Piedmontese cattle breed.

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