Learning to learn: focus on the speed of change in Franco Amicucci’s book

Learn at the speed of change throughout life, to develop new skills, to comprehend the skills of new hunters and gatherers of knowledge, endless learning opportunities present in the infospherebe aware that the current models of public and private education are the children of the philosophy of the separation of knowledge and disciplines that are typical of the Fordist culture of the industrial age.

These are some of the reflections present in the text of Franco AmicucciSociologist, trainer and publisher of digital learning, entitled Learning in the infosphere, Publisher Franco Angeli. We find a remnant of this culture these days in the catastrophic result of the ordinary competition of the secondarybased on a notional and mnemonic quiz that Minister Bianchi himself defined as “the last step of an earlier history that showed all its limits”.

For the author i Educational and business education models need to evolve rapidly with the experimentation and acquisition of training methodologies no longer based on the classical frontal lesson, but on a series of active and engaging methods that encourage students to be autonomous, to cooperate, to learn to learn throughout their lives. The legitimacy of the teachers and trainers of the future will then be based on the ability to manage learning processes, motivate, stimulate autonomy, reflection, connection between knowledge.

Among the competencies of the future described in the text, those ofto learn to learn it is set as the mother of all abilities because the cycles of change are ever faster and more intense, each of us finds ourselves operating in unique scenarios for human experience and the mobility of understanding and adaptation is fundamental. A difficult transition for the school, because the bureaucratic structure is the daughter of the past era, it is the daughter of the quiz competition. Much of the text is dedicated to the training of new educators and trainers who will operate in increasingly hybrid physical and digital environments, both in schools and in companies.

Between Skills of new coachesdat digital is set as a prerequisite because for the author the Distance learninglived in period Covid, it’s just the rudimentary form of a revolution going on, where artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, digital certifications in the blockchain are soon to become the everyday life of the educational world. This phenomenon is already clear to some companies operating with their internal academies and international contexts and, due to the availability of important budgets, have the opportunity to build learning environments for the continuous training of their people with the most advanced learning solutions; For this reason, the stimulation of a relationship between school and business education will certainly be fruitful for the whole of society.

Confidence and happiness are the last two sections of the text, because for Amicucci this is the age where there are learning opportunities like never before in history.

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