Learning mobility in 2023, when the three years of constraints come into force. When for new employees? FAQ

What restrictions are provided for voluntary mobility (transfers and passages)? Can newly hired teachers apply? Can the transfer request also be submitted by those employed in 2020/21?

We answer the many questions that have come up in the editorial office by proposing a series of FAQs.


Constraint Transfer / Provincial Passages

Q. If I receive the provincial transfer / passage, will I be subject to any restrictions?

A. For teachers who apply in the provincial region, there will be a three-year stay in the assigned school, only if:

  • You will receive the transfer / pass in one of the schools expressed with punctual preference (school code) or
  • You will receive the transfer / passage in the municipality from owners

Q. Are there any exceptions to the above three-year restriction?

A. Yes, teachers are excluded from the three-year obligation Benefit of Virrangreferred to in Article 13 of CCNI 2022/25, under the conditions laid down therein and when fulfilled in a municipality or sub-municipal district other than the one in which priority is used.

Also excluded are those Teachers transferred ex officio or on conditional requesteven in an expressed preference.

Q. If I receive the transfer / passage in the provincial area in one of the expressed synthetic preferences (district or municipality), will I still be subject to the above three-year constraint?

R. No, the restriction is intended only for those who are satisfied with one of the express preferences or if they receive the transfer / passage in the municipality of the property.

Q. If I am subject to the three-year restriction in question, could I submit a request for provisional assignment or use on support?

A. Yes, the limitation only applies to territorial (transfers) and occupational (roll / chair changes) mobility.

Interprovincial Transfer Constraint

Q. If I receive the interprovincial transfer / passage, will I be subject to any restrictions?

A. Yes, the teacher who receives the interprovincial transfer / passage can not submit an application earlier than three years from the previous one. This is true regardless of the preference expressed: therefore the three-year restriction applies when satisfied at school, municipality, district, province.

Q. Does the above-mentioned three-year restriction apply to all teachers?

R. No, the restriction does not apply to teachers benefiting from the priority referred to in Article 13, Section 1, points I, III, IV, VI, VII and VIII of CCNI 2022/25, under the conditions set out below. , in the case of owners in a school outside the municipality or sub-municipal district, where priority applies.

The restriction does not even apply to teachers who are transferred ex officio or to a conditional application, even if they are satisfied in a seat of the requested province.

New employees as 2021/22

Q. I am a tenured teacher in academic year. 2021/22, do I have to request a transfer?

R. The newly admitted teachers in the academic year 2021/22 have the right (and therefore not the obligation) to submit a transfer request to get the registered office.

Q. If I do not apply, what happens?

R. Newly appointed teachers as 2021/22, who do not submit a transfer application, before the movements, will be the seat of Possession the enrollment school with the same effective date.

Q. What if, on the other hand, I submit a request and am not satisfied with one of the expressed preferences?

A. As in the previous case, is assigned as the seat of Possession the enrollment school with the same effective date.

D. If you do not apply for the school of Possession and I will lose my place in the recruitment school 2021/22, how will I have allocated the school owners?

R. If the teacher being placed in the role is identified as a loser and has not submitted a voluntary application (as a loser), whether conditional or not, or the required places have not been allocated (always in the application as a Loser), the possession is attributed ex officio.

Q. When will the three-year contract to the Educational Institution for new employees like 2021/22 come into force?

R. The obligation starts from the school year. 2021/22 if no application is submitted or if the transfer application is not satisfied; from the school year 2022/23, if you apply and are satisfied with the transfer. We remind you that on the basis of the above limitation, interested parties may request the transfer, change of professor or role, provisional assignment or use in another educational institution or replacement positions, in accordance with Art. 36 of the 2007 CCNL, only after three years of effective service in the school of landlords, without prejudice to supervening situations of dismissal or surplus. In addition, the teachers referred to in Article 33, sections 3 and 6, of Act no. 104/1992, provided that the conditions laid down therein occur after the date of registration in the respective contest announcements or periodic update in the ranking until exhaustion.

Q. Does the teacher who is subject to the aforementioned 3-year constraint, which is transferred because he has lost his position, have to mature a new 3-year period to overcome the block?

A. No, the years completed in the newly assigned school are counted with those completed in the previous school.

Employed as 2020/21

Q. I am a teacher enrolled in the role of 2020/21, can I apply for a transfer?

A. Yes, despite the limitation mentioned in the previous answer, the CCNI also suggests that teachers employed in the academic year 2020/21 may request a transfer to obtain the school of ownership.

Q. What if I do not apply?

A. If no application is submitted, the property will be assigned to the recruitment school.

D. In this case, that is, if you do not submit an application that mentions the three-year restriction above (which does not allow you to make a request for mobility, use and provisional duties, nor does it accept replacement duties) when does it occur and Power?

R. It starts from the school year of recruitment, ie from 2020/21.

Q. If, on the other hand, I request and receive the new property school when the three-year obligation is triggered (which does not allow you to apply for mobility, use and provisional tasks nor to accept any spare parts)?

A. The three-year obligation starts from 2022/23.

D. I am a teacher enrolled in the role 2019/20, in accordance with Legislative Decree 59/17, can I apply for a transfer?

A. You can present it. Actual Article 13, Section 3, as amended by Article 58, Section 2, Number 6), letter f), first sentence, of the Legislative Decree n. 73/2021, amended into Act no. 106/2021, provides that teachers who have been recruited, in accordance with the above-mentioned decree of law, are required to remain in the school of employment, in the same kind of place and class of the competition, for at least two Years after the course annual initial training and process. Excluded from this restriction are supernumerary or redundant teachers or staff referred to in Article 33, Section 5 or 6, of Law no. 104/92, limited to events occurring after the deadline for submitting applications for the relative competition. Therefore, the teachers agaangen in the role before 2020/21, the above has already fulfilled Period of permanence in the school of placement and role.

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