Learning mobility 2022, new employers of first-level GPS can not apply. Woe

Mobility of teachers, ATA and education staff for the three-year period 2022/25. The signature of the CCNI has arrived today, which will allow applications to be launched: the ministry will communicate the time window with a specific ordinance. We will answer some questions at the address [email protected]

The CCNI for the three-year period 2022/25 presents some innovations. In particular, some constraints associated with the province of recruitment will be eased and a new three-year constraint will be introduced for the teacher who receives inter-provincial transfer to one of the requested places.

The contract was signed by the CISL union, but not by FLCGIL, UIL, SNALS and GILDA, who are complaining about the creation of differences between teachers. Here all positions

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Teachers employed by the first GPS bracket may not apply for mobility

Some teachers, newly hired by first-tier GPS, question whether the CCNI on mobility also affects their position, whether they can apply, and whether it is not possible what the path will be.

We want to clarify that the recruitment of the first band of GPS is both a common and supportive place on the basis of the arts. 59 Section 4 of the Decree Support up to an Extraordinary Basis for the School Year 2021/22.

Recruitment has different characteristics compared to the common entries in the role: it is actually a fixed task to place in the role.

the teacher hired by GPS does the probationary and training years like the teachers hired by GaE in competitions, but also has an additional burden

  1. Evaluation committee, with a positive result of the test year
  2. external commission to conduct a second disciplinary test, an interview. In the event of a negative outcome, the possibility of the role is forfeited.

Disciplinary test

Disciplinary test consists of a “qualification interview”.

The above mentioned interview:

  • takes place on the programs listed in Annex A to Ministerial Decree no. 327/2019 for playschools and primary schools and as per Appendix A to Ministerial Decree no. 201/2020 for high school and high school;
  • counts to check:

– for teaching in a common place (for all levels of education), possession and correct practice, in connection with the experience gained by the teacher and validated by the voting of the initial education and the test year, of cultural and disciplinary skills, concerning the founding core of the learning disciplines, which are subject to the objectives of competence and the learning objectives provided for by current regulations;

– for teaching in support posts (for all levels of education), possession and correct practice, in relation to the teacher’s experience and validated by matching the initial training and test years, knowledge and skills, individual pedagogical planning which, respecting the rhythms and learning styles and needs of each student, in close collaboration with the other members of the class council balances interventions between learning and socialization and the full improvement of skills and potential identifies the trainee.

  • is assessed by a commission outside the school of the teacher;
  • ends with a judgment of suitability or non-property;
  • if assessed negatively (hence with a judgment of non-suitability), it implies the failure of the procedure and the inability to transform the contract for an indefinite period.

Interview Calendar

The USRs draw up the calendar of the interviews, divided according to school grade and type of place, based on the lists of those who were included in the disciplinary test after the successful completion of the training and test year.

The disciplinary test (hence the interviews) must be completed by July 2022.

Permanent employment

In the event of a positive evaluation of the annual training and testing course and a positive judgment of the disciplinary test, the teachers concerned will be employed for an indefinite period from 1 September 2021 or from the start date of the service (legal effect) and confirmation of role in the same educational institution, where the teacher served for a fixed term (the negative evaluation of the training and test path implies the repetition of the same; the negative judgment regarding the disciplinary test implies the constitution of the procedure and the impossibility of the transformation of a contract is indefinite.In this case, the service provided is assessed as a provision provision).

Mobility application for the school year 2023/24

Therefore, the demand for staff mobility, which is employed by GPS first bracket, can only be presented for 2023/24.

The text of the new CCNI states

They must be deducted from the availability of chairs for the movements

  • For the school year 2022/23, at the level of a single school, or at provincial level in the event of a contraction of staff, posts and stills where he is in service during the school year. 2021/22 the teaching staff employed in accordance with the exceptional procedure provided for in Article 59, sections 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021, amended by the law of 23 July 2021 n. 106;

Therefore, the teacher hired by GPS stays in the same chair, assumes the title indefinitely from September 1st, 2021 and can participate in mobility for the school year 2023/24.

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