Latina, continues the conference “Formation of the culture of legality” of the Carabinieri and the high schools

The conferences on the “formation of the culture of legality” continue in the high schools of the city of Latina and its province.

As part of the initiatives related to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Carabinieri and the Ministry of University and Research and Youth, the Commander of the Carabinieri Company of Latina, Cap Paolo PERRONE, together with Lieutenant CS Pietro Maglione, Commander of the Sabaudia Station , participated in the didactic meeting with the students of the “Rita Levi Montalcini”, formerly “Giulio Cesare”, Sabaudia with about 60 students in the Aula Magna and 180 students connected live from their classrooms, all of whom belong to the fourth . and fifth grade of the Institute “.

In his exhibition, the officer focused on the topics of the project on legality such as bullying and cyberbullying, internet, violence in general, drugs.

An institutional video from the Carabinieri showed the presenters the essential notions that illustrate the behavior of violent people, bullies and drug addicts, as well as the consequences of excessive use of alcoholic beverages and the harmful effects that drug use has causes. Drugs.

Through the large and active participation of the students and their teachers, there was a constructive discussion and a participatory interaction of the students on these topics, in order to deepen their contours and striking functions from both a social and pedagogical point of view. the position more closely linked to the preventive and repressive functions of the Carabinieri against all forms of violence and illegality.

The speaker of the project, prof. Ida Nicoletti, together with the teacher, prof. Miriana Zannella, at the end of the meeting, thanked the representatives of the Arma who were present, and focused on the importance of the proximity of the figure of the “Carabiniere” for young people entering civil society.

Furthermore, further during the conference, organized by the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Latina in collaboration with the Soroptimist International Club of Latina, entitled “Women, a network to get out of violence”, at the request of students interested in Curious to investigate the matter, Lieutenant Monica Loforese, together with Lieutenant CS Francesco Arpaia, Commander of the Borgo Podgora Station, held an in-depth conference at the “San Benedetto” Institute for Higher Education in Latina.

In this case, too, there was a constructive confrontation which, thanks to the presence of the President of the Donna Lilith Center, Dr Francesca Innocenti and the Head of the Emily Refuge House, Drs. Interacting with children to raise awareness, stimulate and spread the culture of respect for gender, not only deepening the issue from a social and educational point of view, but also increasing the right to equal opportunities between men and women Women as necessary to confirm. Prerequisite for prevention and contrast of all forms of violence.

Specifically, teachers have an open debate with children, about all forms of violence, about the phenomena of “stolking” with particular reference to the so-called “femicide” phenomenon, unfortunately a very topical issue that the pages of Chronicle. They then focused on the importance of maintaining and developing the activities and initiatives that have been introduced so far, both from a purely regulatory profile and from an organizational point of view as the network presented during the conference on 9 . March. In addition, the rapporteur of the project Prof.ssa Bellia together with the Director, Dr Di Trocchio, in thanks for the effective and valuable proximity of the Carabinieri to the students, expressed their intention to continue the pedagogical project on legality, that of Arma dei Carabinieri, felt as a fundamental importance to the personal growth of each student.

Trust with proven experience in the traditional vocation of proximity and proximity of the Arma to the community, similar meetings with other students will follow in the coming weeks, in agreement with the school leaders of the entire neighborhood. The fundamental purpose is to provide further evidence of commitment and social reassurance, to propose the institutional activities also of the specialized departments of the weapon, with the aim of stimulating and informing the culture of legality.

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