Last of class, Sunday, May 29 at Varese Theater

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The theater company “The Velvet Face” returns to the stage at the Varese Theater on May 29, 2022, at 4.30 pm with the show about post-pandemic youth distress

Do Theater company “The Velvet Face” the 29.05.2022, 16:30to the Varese Theater with you point to post-pandemic youth distress titled “Last of the Class – Desperate Rebel Souls”, contextual to the rating “Ama-te”. The whole collection will be donated to the Good Samaritan ODV Association by Caronno Varesino, who deals with international cooperation in Uganda.

“Last of the class” is a text that comes from a real dramatic experiment: seventeen characters, seventeen different and engaging stories emerged from the active collaboration between so many young student actors and author, Matteo Tibiletti.

During the health emergency, the “young” theater troupe of Brenta’s “The Velvet Face”, like many other realities, was forced into the uncomfortable but still necessary practice of distance learning, turning into a dramatic key with enthusiasm and with truly amazing results!

The author’s basic idea, namely that of occupying a school by a group of pupils who oppose the government’s clarification of DAD as a necessary measure even after the emergency situation, was proposed to the group even before writing the script, with the specific intention of each student actor to write the biography of their character.

From this cue came true short stories, in which the students sensibly mixed elements of their real experience with others of the imagination, and enriched the source material excessively.

The Good Samaritan Association

Good Samaritan ODV is an association of Caronno Varesino who joins INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION and realized Development projects, in various fields of expertise, in northern Uganda, Africa. Help and supports the poorest segment of the population: Children, orphans, people affected by serious illnesses and physical disabilities. The “Single Moms” Project, to which the proceeds are donated, arises after the Suffer abuse of young women during the lockout period. The sudden pregnancy forces the girls to interrupt their schooling and reintegration is extremely difficult: in addition to the difficulties related to the management of the child, there are new economic needs that are given priority.

The Good Samaritan’s goal is to get them to complete their leaving school education or to take specific training for initiation and to run a small business; guarantee psychological supportto support medical and food costs, crucial for the care of the child and to concentrate on them Education.

Our website:
Our Facebook page: GoodSamaritanODV
Our Instagram Account: @goodsamaritanodv

Tickets can be booked on the club’s website (click here), collected and paid for directly at the theater on the day of the show, or they can be purchased at Crazy Comics and Games Shop via medaglie d’oro, Varese or by calling 3479238808 d ‘Secretariat of “The Velvet Face” to call.

The cast

Giulia Arzeni, Leonardo Brovelli, Luca Lama, Leonardo Zardini, Rebecca Pavone, Edoardo Ghiringhelli, Lia Di Chiara, Elisabetta Crestani, Giada Perna, Claudia Boldrini, Michela Introini, Linda Curaggi, Elettra Martini, Alice Fantoni, Martina Mautone, Sofia Imperatore.
Direction: Emanuela Legno, Matteo Tibiletti
Scenes: Tatiana Marasti, Sara Cremona
Direct Assistant: Elettra Martini, Linda Curaggi
Scene photo: Camilla Zetta

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