Last month to join the call for the Welfar School and Territory project

MANTUA – July 31st is the last day to apply for participation in the 2021/22 Call for Welfare, School and Territory *, Project coordinated as a leader of the Province of Mantuawith the operational support ofSpecial Company For.Ma Formazione Mantovain collaboration with theTerritorial School Office of Mantuaand supported by Cariverona Foundation for the creation of a network for the recruitment, guidance and accompaniment of the work of young people in difficulty.

The aim of the project is to create a support network rooted in the territory, which includes schools, vocational training centers, third sector cooperatives, the province’s targeted placement service, social and health services, the zone Plans., Services at work and shops. The ultimate goal is to put young people and their families in communication with the local services dedicated to creating a ‘bridge’ that accompanies them through the difficult transition from school to work. can, through courses structured on the specific competencies and needs. Boy

While in the first three years of the project there were a total of around 200 young people who used the resources made available, there was an exponential increase in applications in the 2021/22 edition: over 70 experiences already activated and many that are expected. until the end of July.

The three appeals that are currently being opened have been integrated with some important changes designed to respond to needs that have arisen after the health emergency and with the aim of expanding the possible recipients of the projects. Among the key innovations highlighted is the increase in the share of resources made available to young people in difficult circumstances, which goes from 25% to 50%. In addition, greater openness to young people has been introduced in early school leaving, also due to the growing emergence of situations of school dropout as a consequence of the pandemic crisis that hit the school system. And finally, the introduction of the possibility to plan the project work / group experience workshop for orientation and guidance on the work, which gives the opportunity to create a “campus” to improve the skills (expected with a minimum of 3 participants) focused on the simulation of work activities and / or on the acquisition of skills, including transversal, functional to socio-work integration.

The audience of subjects who can present themselves as leaders of the proposed projects is also expanded: not only higher education institutions and vocational training centers in the province of Mantua, but also zoning plans, third sector cooperatives A and B, social services, job placement services as accredited Organs for work and other matters specified in the call; it is necessary to apply in conjunction with the presence of at least one other reality and have a legal or operational seat in the Province of Mantua.

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