Landini in Naples among Ponticelli students: “Security is not a cost but an investment”

Security is not a cost but an investment“This is the mantra that this morning Secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landiniamong the students of theITI Marie Curie of Ponticelli, a district in the eastern part of Naples. In addition, before the demonstration, the union leader met with a delegation of workers from now on. ex Whirlpool of Napleswho only yesterday “celebrated” their thousand days of strife.

The meeting, which was convened as part of the week by Cgil, Cisl and Uil with initiatives and meetings at workplaces and schools across the country, comes on the sidelines of the deaths of the two students, Lorenzo Parelli and Giuseppe Lenoci(who tragically disappeared while on alternate school work projects) and after the student protests that took place throughout Italy last month.

School / work: the dignity of life»Is the title of the event, in which – together with the head of the CGIL – the teacher took part, Gabriella Russo and CGIL Secretary General Naples and Campania, Nicola Ricci. In addition, their interventions were by the Student testimony. The same people who shared their personal experiences in developing pathways for transversal skills and orientation, or the former school-work diversion.

The very young, in fact, they do not call for the abolition of PCTs, but rather greater guarantees in terms of security and training. “I believe it’s an important way to achieve our life goal and to understand what we need to do in the future, we can deepen on a practical level what accompanied us in the study“Says a student, reiterates the importance of ‘adults understand that there is proximity and support for young people, we expect this aspect from professionals in the world of work, then the rest is up to the young people to get involved in the project’.

“As a union – says Maurizio Landini – we launched a week of mobilization, discussion and assemblies to listen to and understand the reasons for students’ struggles, but also to strongly reaffirm that safety at work, as well as safety in training and in study, must stand at the basis of every action.“.

“You can neither work, nor study, die – says the secretary of the CGIL – on the other hand, to do this, It must establish a culture in which the rights and quality of work are once again a binding element. It is not the market that decides, but the people who come first. It is evident that from this point of view, we must change the wrong things that the law has introduced on this front in the past“.

“We need to make sure – Landini clarifies – that the training relationship, the relationship between companies and students, is based on real training, which is not only simple training, but also on increasing knowledge, but also ‘ personal training of individual young people who are called to have this experience “.

For the social partners in fact “Training, and thus the possibility of a job opening, must take place in safety»Meet the Secretary General of the CGIL Naples and Campania, Nicola Ricci. “The dead – Ricci continues” confirm that the issue is also central to the training that must accompany the younger generations in the world of work. ”

“What we want to emphasize – explains Gabriella Russo, the director of the Institute on Argine where more than half of the school population is involved in alternative projects – is that the Pcto constitute a great opportunity that can certainly not be taken down and put aside because you have to be more careful with choosing partner companies, and in particular the training agreement to be made between the school, the students participating in these activities, and the companies in full compliance with the rules and safety. “Our students – emphasizes the teacher – before you start the course for transversal skills and orientation, take courses on safety“.

Indeed, security was one of the main issues discussed at the two-hour meeting, but there were other very topical issues such asCrime emergency – there were also many representatives of associative and solidarity realities in the eastern part of Naples – and today War in Ukraine. “War is the most inhuman thing that can exist,” the CGIL leader explained to students, “because what is established is that, in general, those who decide the war are not the ones who are waging war: they are forced to do it. die, 90% of the victims of conflicts are civilians ».

However, today’s confrontation was also a driving force in confirming the importance of work and study as an antidote to the criminal emergency that kept the neighborhoods of Naples’ eastern suburbs hostage.

“It is necessary, today even more, that Institutions and schools are a place not only for legality, but also for effective social integration according to the new parameters of the young people, also in these territories“Explains the President of the VI Commune, Alessandro Fucito. “They do not dream of wealth and power – specifies Fucito – but they want to build a dignified life for their own future, they want an educational institution that, when you accompany them to work, they do not succumb to insecurity and d ‘Precariousness and death accompany it but accompany it to full dignity’.

A dignity that can be touched by hand just a few hundred meters from the ITI Marie Curie in East Naples: by entering the former Whirlpool establishment in Naples.

Due to the proximity to the factory, which has been garrisoned by workers for thousands of days, Ponticelli’s blue overalls have decided to Assault at the entrance of the Institute to meet Secretary Landini. “We believe in it (in the consortium ed) and we want to believe in it,” the worker explained Carmen Nappo to the head of the CGIL who reassured the workers with a view to the next ministerial table set up on 1 March.

“We have renewed (in Landini ed) what we have been saying for some time: say Put pressure on institutions to ensure that this consortium shortens birth time as Naspi starts running and times are tightHe clarified Raffaele Romano, Factory RSU and Fiom Trade Union. “Let us not leave them alone – but Landini’s words are in response to the meeting with a group of workers – the fight will end when all these people have jobs and when there is a real re-industrialization, both through the consortium and through the use of the buildings that exist today. To do this, we are working with a view to March 1st so that we can pave the way for this perspective. ”


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