Lamezia, over 270 new students enrolled in the high school ‘Tommaso Campanella’

Lamezia Terme – “The Liceo ‘Tommaso Campanella’ has always set attitudes, interests, potentials, abilities, motivations and aspirations, emotions, the representation of oneself, the real needs of each individual student to enhance the intelligence of all. On the other hand – Professor Serra explains – we are aware that orientation is the process, articulated and structured activities that help the student to discover his own “rotation”, an older word, but very precise in its meaning , through which the young person orients himself not only to a certain kind of school order and possible future profession, but above all to a personal life, fulfilled and adapted to the right expectations ”.

“Orientation – for Professor Serra’s team of teachers – therefore means imagining a future that can be attributed to one’s natural inclinations, but above all considering orientation as a permanent and transversal method of education, an integral part of the pedagogical process. for the purpose of being autonomous and responsible. This is the philosophy that has always accompanied the Liceo Campanella project; Position with the highest number of members, while Liceo Campanella is known for his many ‘professions’; the inclusion on professional paths abroad enriched with the double French diploma, Esab ac; the High School of Human Sciences focuses on the study of explanatory theories and phenomena related to the construction of personal identity in human and social relationships; The High School of Human Sciences / Economics and Social, defined as ‘High School of Contemporaneity’, born out of the need for a new study profile that brings the world into the classroom and equips students with the languages ​​they need to ‘read’ and interpret; the Liceo Musicale which combines classical tradition, scientific knowledge, linguistic competence and musical culture; Liceo Coreutico is able to guarantee students a double preparation, high school and profession, an innovative experience of “contamination”, which should make dance an institutional discipline of European pedagogical and cultural value “.

With this in mind, the “Tommaso Campanella” high school is always on the move to offer new opportunities: including the European Union’s Erasmus Plus program for the education, training, youth and sports sectors, for the Period 2021 -2027, will allow free annual departure for one month in four European countries: England, Spain, France, Germany, including a strong emphasis on several priorities: social inclusion, ecological sustainability, the transition to digital, ‘Promoting the participation of young people in democratic life; areas also contemplated in the project of the Institute for Civic Education, to which any training action that accompanies the 5 years of high school in a transversal / ascending path. In addition, for the’ Digestive language and language certification, Liceo expands educational offerings with many Pon projects that offer thematic insights, improve discipline knowledge enrich each student’s portfolio with experiences and projects in the field. And again participation in many cultural activities; Last but not least, the New York Young UNIS- UN Conference UN project, which last year saw our students at the forefront of the debate in English and which on March 14 allows a student to go to New York and to the largest UN diplomatic simulation model in the world with the presence of 5,000 high school students from over 100 countries and 6 continents. There are many activities that focus on the education of all students; this is the winning formula, underlines the teacher Susanna Mustari, from Liceo Campanella; help each individual student to raise awareness of their profession and attitude after the study and work choices they have to make gradually in their lives. I applaud the teamwork assisted by prof. Serra and all the teachers who, despite the difficulties due to the health emergency, work day by day to create a climate of well-being and positive through work, as the educator Stefano claimed. Rossi, not only about the cognitive aspects of our young people, but also about the emotional aspects: “Critical mind and intelligent heart”. More than 270 members undoubtedly represent a significant milestone, but at the same time they pose major challenges to us! “.

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