Ladispoli Hotelier, Meeting between Pascucci and Città Metro for the gym: the closest solution

A highly anticipated meeting full of results took place on Tuesday morning between the Headmaster of Ladispoli Hospitality Prof. Vincenza La Rosa, the Mayor of Cerveteri Alessio Pascucci and Eng. Claudio Dello Vicario, Technical Manager of Rome Metropolitan City Sector Design, Works Management, Maintenance and Restructuring of the School Building North Zone.

On the agenda is the progress of the executive project in connection with the gymnasium of the institute via Federici.

In addition to the student representatives Matteo Guerrini and Diego Corradini, in conjunction with Mayor Pascucci and the Technical Manager, there were also the Vice-Dean of the High Institute ‘Giuseppe Di Vittorio’ Sandro Pase, the heads of the Ladispoli Rosa Hospitality Office Turin and Carmela Panzella , the Director of General and Administrative Services Stefania Croce and a delegation of teachers of motor sciences, Prof Elisa Colombo, Bruna Calato and Gabriella Moriggi.

Mayor Pascucci has reconstructed the events related to the never-built gym, which should have completed the construction of the hotel’s new headquarters after its transfer from across Ancona in 2012.

A very long and complex story told by the sports facility and the via Federici, which has been moving for almost a decade, without finding a solution that allows the student to carry out their physical education activities in a suitable and equipped space.

For the moment, the car park in front of the school building is still being used, with obvious and understandable safety issues.

Dean Vincenza La Rosa emphasizes the importance of motor sciences in the school curriculum and in the education of students, and recalls the commitment that has been made over the years to identify the best solution for a very critical situation.

Many news emerged from the meeting on Tuesday morning: Mayor Pascucci stated that he had recently sent a letter to the President of Rome Metropolitan City Roberto Gualtieri to reconstruct the work process and identify the necessary institutional synergies.

Eng. Dello Vicario then informed the students and teachers about important news: a new fund had been allocated for the necessary revision of the executive project that was underway; a request was also made to gain access to PNRR funding to create a B2 category sports facility with an extension of 1200 square meters and an outdoor area of ​​400 square meters (the result of the request should be announced within a month).

However, there is also the possibility of using provincial funds for possible co-financing. During this phase of the transition and in anticipation of the completion of the structure, however, it is also noted – it is also advisable to place parallel paths, more directly feasible: for example a shuttle service that transfers students from their school to nearest Sports facilities, such as the new sports hall in Via delle Primule, but also the construction of a football ground in a multi-purpose exploded area in the area behind the Istituto Alberghiero.

One road does not exclude the other. Eng. Dello Vicario and Mayor Pascucci volunteered to meet the students again and in the next few days make a first inspection of the hotel to check the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions.

A heartfelt appreciation for the outcome of the meeting was expressed by the teacher and student representatives. The goal seems to be coming and after years of uncertainty, hope is returning to the hotel industry.

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