Ladispoli, Health and Environmental Sustainability for Alpine Students

For 140 children a water purifier as a gift for school and training and information days

Ladispoli, Health and Environmental Sustainability for Alpine Students –

For 140 children of the “Ilaria Alpi” Comprehensive Institute of Ladispoli (RM), a water purifier as a gift for school and training and information days dedicated to the topics of health education and the environment sustainable with the “school project”,

An initiative of Biosalus Italia, listed among the first and most qualified Italian companies specializing in the production and marketing of state-of-the-art devices useful for purifying water and air, Biosalus invests enormous resources every year in the search for new human technologies Improve health. and in initiatives that raise awareness both about the importance of drinking water and the reduction of plastic consumption for the environment.

It is in this perspective that the school project is built, also intended for adults and children from other schools in Italy, to which, in agreement with the school managers, a water purification system will be donated, specifically designed for teaching places. as part of the Ladispoli Pilot Project, followed by (In) training days.

In fact, on Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Monday 9 May, in line with the project, some of the experts from Biosalus Italia will meet the students of the six classes of the Institute to discuss in an interactive way some important topics e.g. such as the lack of drinking water in Africa and in the countries of the south of the world, the children illustrate the differences with the situation in our country.

In addition, during the same day, a sample of the water supplied by the donated Biosalus treatment plant is analyzed, compared to what is usually drunk by most people to use the benefits of pure water for drinking and cooking and how important it is . .., at the level of protection and environmental protection, encourage everyone to minimize the consumption of plastic bottles and containers, both at home and at school.

The education of children and adults to use recyclable water bottles, as well as the gadgets given away during the initiative, actually helps to reduce the periodic purchase of plastic bottles, which are not always properly recycled and are often distributed in the environment. ginn.

Finally, the young people will be called upon to bring this important message of protection and protection of health and the environment to their homes, by providing a symbolic certificate from the Pure Water Experts, a brochure and free of charge. Analysis.Engagement. on the quality of the water that is drunk in their homes every day.

An important opportunity for the students of the Comprehensive Institute, explained by the schoolteacher Maria Bevilacqua: “Providing our students and school staff with an alternative to bottled water was one of the goals of our institute. The installation of water dispensers in schools has a clear educational purpose. The initiative can be included in a broader project of environmental education and stimulation for the development of an ecological conscience.

The water that comes from the municipal water service is actually cheaper, it does not have to be packaged, transported and stored; that on bottles are costs that largely depend on the production price of the plastic packaging and the distribution price.

Water from the mains water supply is more controlled than bottled water and does not carry the risks that are traditionally associated with the storage of liquids in plastic containers.

Pupils from several classes were also involved in training and discussion initiatives, with a view to a participatory school, in which pupils would not be limited to education, but could also witness good practice.

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