La voce del Colonna: Episode 9

Ninth episode of “La voce del Colonna”. The newspaper was created by the students of the Lycée Vittoria Colonna in Arezzo in collaboration with ArezzoNotizie. Today we are talking about school and work.

From school to work: are young people ready? The investigation

by Mattia Valerio, Sofia Tavini, Rosai Agnese

From the third year, high school students begin to collect credits and come into contact with the work environment through the school-work alternation, which includes practical and training activities to guide the student in his future path. In the last period, the alternation was strongly criticized, especially after the death of the student Lorenzo Perelli, hit by a steel beam on his last day of internship in a company in the Udine area. The episode sparked a great debate about whether or not to remove the alternation between school and work.

The majority of students of Liceo Vittoria Colonna have found these extracurricular activities effective in acquiring new skills and preparing in advance what the university and work environment will be like. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, direct experiences in the workplace have been interrupted and in their place pathways to soft skills and leadership have been introduced. The pcto that are considered most useful by the students are those that helped them learn the basics of the working world, such as how to create their own curriculum vitae, a cover letter and how to prepare for an eventual interview.

Regarding the credit system, most students find it difficult to understand exactly how it works.

There are two categories of loans: school loans and educational loans. The first ones are obtained mainly on the basis of the average of the points, but also by the participation in the classes and the absences made. Exactly these are added to the scores obtained in the final exams, resulting in the final grade. Unlike school credits, training credits are earned by performing extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, scouting, competitive sports, and language certifications. It should be noted that these allow you to increase the total amount of school loans by only one point. Therefore, it is good to remember that it is not necessary to carry out different activities just to collect more credits, because in any case you cannot exceed the range of credits dictated by the school average.


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