“La scuola è”: Training festival for teachers and students. “Tomorrow starts today”

From March 8 to April 22, 2022, 33 free online events will be held, 70 speakers a month dedicated to teachers and the whole school community to reflect on new learning methodologies for a more sustainable future. Inclusion, Sustainability and Collective Responsibility, gender equality, innovation and orientation in one STEM key.

Milan – Deascuola, an educational institute accredited by the Ministry of Education and one of the main operators of school publishing in Italy, after the great success of the first online training event last year, the school community announces the new edition of “La scuola è” – Festival training for d ‘Teachers of today and the citizens of tomorrow. From March 8 to April 22, 2022, the free training festival, dedicated to teachers of all levels but also to all interested parties, will return to the publishing platform (festival.deascuola.it) to design new learning models , the female students an active part of the education process and citizens aware of tomorrow.

Also this year, many scientific partners from the world of research who support Deascuola in this full dive on the most pressing issues of the teaching staff, from Ashoka to ASviS – Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, Cnr – National Research Council, Italian Climate Network, Sports and Health – School of Sport, Global Thinking Foundation, YOUNICEF (the UNICEF program dedicated to young volunteers), # 100Experts – 100Women Against Stereotypes, Street Teachers.

The guideline of the new education proposal, which also wants to be a motivating call for active participation in the change of every single actor in the school community, is the Unesco 2021 report (https://www.unesco.it/it/News) / Detail / 1321) which invites us to consider the school as a “social contract for education”, based on the full sharing of purposes and on the principles of fundamental human rights: inclusion, cooperation and solidarity, collective responsibility, gender equality and Multidisciplinarity. The report, starting with the observation that the pandemic highlighted the fragility of the education system, highlights the transformative role of quality, inclusive and lifelong learning.
Therefore, the rich schedule of free training activities, useful in synchronous and asynchronous mode, characterized by moments of reflection and discussion with learning experts, researchers, representatives of institutions such as knowledge, education and learning hand-walk – imagine yourself in a world. of growing complexity, uncertainty, and precariousness to shape the future of humanity and the planet.
The 33 calendar events include five thematic table rounds with a transversal approach, four online morning events for classes and teachers, and dozens of disciplinary webinars.
The cornerstones of the festival are the five online table rounds on the YouTube platform (from 5pm to 6.30pm) where the future, inclusion, orientation, gender equality, innovation and STEM, civic education and points are discussed. of the sustainability, role and social value of the school and the school community transversally to drive the growth and development of the “country system”.


March 8 #Future
Opening event. The aim is to implement an innovative curriculum in the Italian school, taking into account the complexity of future challenges in the school system, orienting the educational world towards a new planetary humanism capable of incorporating knowledge, skills, abilities, human relations and pedagogical experiences . a broad sense, both inside and outside the school.

March 17, 2022 #Inclusion
The school is … for each and every one, a round table for the school to think of as an area that welcomes and cultivates flowers of any kind, and helps them to grow and bloom in the best possible way.

March 22, 2022 #Orientation
The theme of improving the characteristics of individuals in the community is adopted to guide decisions that can generate happiness and well-being in line with everyone’s aspirations.

April 12, 2022 # Innovation / STEM
April 12 follows The school is … Innovation, a formative moment of high comparison that puts female students at the center and rethinks didactic planning in the light of greater multidisciplinarity. A particular focus will be dedicated to the urgency of a new approach to STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), which enhances the contribution of the scientific disciplines to reading and understanding the functioning of today’s world.

April 21, 2022 #Education for conscious nationality
The fifth and final table round on April 21st, entitled The school is … responsible, is based on the premise that the goal of the commune is to guarantee a peaceful, just and sustainable future for everyone. The foundations for ensuring their achievement are rooted in the school, a place dedicated to the education and growth of responsible generations.

Four Morning Appointments for #Mathematics #Physics #Sports #Climate Classes
To conclude the festival’s rich program, four special online events in the morning for teachers, students and schoolchildren of all levels.

On March 28, “A Nobel Lecture: Discovery of Complex Systems” will be held to share the beauty of science and the importance of disseminating scientific knowledge from the school forest.

Gender equality is one of the 17 Global Goals promoted by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda and is still a much discussed topic in sport. Therefore, a special event dedicated to sports and gender equality, on April 6, in collaboration with Sport e Salute – Scuola dello Sport: Athletes Fausto Desalu (Gold Medal in the 4 × 100 Relay at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games) and Sara Cardin ( World) Champion in the specialty of Kumite) are valuable witnesses to understanding the sport, which is experienced as a healthy overcoming of its boundaries, training in the mind of the victim and a drive towards loyalty and interpersonal relationships.

The fourth and final demonstration with the intervention of climatologist Serena Giacomine by astrophysicist Luca Perri celebrates World Earth Day, April 22nd in collaboration with Cnr (National Research Council), Italian Climate Network, and with testimony from Francesca Vitali and Giovanni Chimienti – National Geographic Explorer and Omar Di Felice (ultra-cyclist).

An evening event for music teachers, March 14, offers a unique and engaging access key to symphonic music and opera with Beatrice Venezi.

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