July Single Check and Rdc Com Au Form: Who Should Send It?

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Single check payments on Rdc: in this in-depth analysis we look at who has to fill out the Rdc Com Au form in July to block payments on citizenship income (check the latest news and then read on Telegram all the news about the child allowance. Get it every day. on your Get the latest updates on bonuses, work and personal finance: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Post all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel. To continue reading the article tap on a mobile phone «Read on»After the image below).

The payment of the universal single allowance on nationality income will come from Saturday, July 16, 2022for those who completed the Rdc Com Au Form in June 2022 e between Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th July 2022 for all other beneficiaries. Those who, on the other hand, need to provide further INPS data to block the payment of the universal check at the RDC, must fill out the form Rdc Com Au in July 2022.

In the latter case, as we will see in detail in the next sections, payments are expected from Tuesday, August 16, 2022.


Pay single check on citizenship income: who needs to fill out the Rdc Com Au Form

Many families who receive citizenship income have to fill it out Rdc Com Au Modul fir Block payments of the single check on the Rdc Charter. As we will see, this need exists for those families where there are children with disabilities, adult children or special conditions in which one or more members of the family have not been correctly identified in the Dsu, a document useful for the recognition of the ISEE and therefore of the nationality income.

The Institute, in circular n ° 53 of 28 April, states that the Rdc Com Au form must be completed and forwarded in these specific cases:

  • if there is an adult child in the family (read the rules for adult children here) depending, up to the age of 21 Age that meets one of the following requirements:
    • take a course Education, professional you hate Closing;
    • played a Stage or a work activity with a total income of less than 8,000 Euros per year;
    • is unemployed and looking for work Employment center;
    • excludes the general civil servant;
    • is not correctly specified in the DSU, a useful document for recognizing the Rdc indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in Part A of the DSU);
  • has one in the family Mom who is under 21 years old not correctly stated in the DSU for the recognition of the Rdc as declarant or spouse of declarant;
  • it must indicate who is exercising parental responsibility in the case Separation, Divorce or in the presence of natural parents do not live together (here is the guide for parents who do not live together);
  • Children with disabilities are not adequately targeted by the INPS when calculating the amount for the general public;
  • there is one valid disposition of task of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).

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