July only check payment, but the Rdc is frozen: there is chaos!

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Saved i single check payments in July, but not those of nationality income. In this in-depth study, we deal with those families who signed up for the general public after completing the RD, also asking for the renewal of citizenship income (see the latest news and then read on Telegram all the news on child benefit pay. every day the latest updates on bonuses, work and personal finances on your mobile: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Post all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel. Continue reading the article on your mobile phone, tap «Read on»After the image below).

In many cases, the INPS has published the payments of the single check, while the application for the renewal of the citizenship income will be stopped in May or June 2022.

In the meantime, INPS has ordered the payments of the single check for:


Payments only check in July, but frozen nationality income

In Circular 53/22, the INPS explained how, who ended up Income from Nationalityshould apply to yousingle check in the same month in which the RD expired. So far nothing complicated, let us give an example: if Giovanna terminates her citizenship income in July 2022, she must apply for the universal allowance before 31 July.

Yes, but what happens then? That the INPS will pay the monthly payment of the universal check for July to the current account, linked to the IBAN provided by Giovanna in her application. If citizenship income is renewed, however, the single check will be credited back to the RdC card.

Between saying and doing, as they say, there is the sea in between. In fact, we’ve witnessed some weird episodes in the last few months:

  • double payments, with the obligation of the refund, with the single check paid on Iban and Rdc card for the same month;
  • Delays and top-ups ordered by INPS;
  • Credits that proceeded at different rates and in retrospect that have accumulated.

Now, many users are reporting another unpleasant episode for us: there are those who are paying for itIndividual check dated 25 July 2022after submitting a subsidy application at the end of the meeting.

The citizenship income, on the other hand, has been standing since May 2022. This family wonders what will happen with the universal allowance in the coming months? Will it be credited back to the current account and then must it be returned?

INPS did not provide any explanation. Our advice is to get in touch with the institution by going to the office or using the online service “INPS responds” to ask how things are going and to clarify whether there are any documents of practice to integrate. An important step in not being forced to return the money in the coming months.

Single check payment calendar July 2022

Here are the next single check payment dates for July 2022:

  • July 19, 2022: universal check payments relating to May or June 2022;
  • 20, 21 and 25 July 2022: universal check payments, referring to July 2022 with application without Rdc;
  • between 28 and 30 July 2022: universal allowance payments on citizenship income in June 2022.

The Payment date of the universal checkFor those who have applied for the grant, check yourself on the INPS website by accessing the reserved area «Citizen Social Insurance Dossieror»With SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CNS (National Service Card) or CIE (Electronic Identity Card), click on” Services “and” Payments “.

On the screen provided by the institution, it will be possible to review data such as: the amount of the general allowance, the date of payment, the number of children for whom the financial contribution is paid and the office which d ‘Accreditation performed. .

INPS Agency Amount
Performance Date
Single check pay screen example

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Who has the right to the only check: all requirements

L ‘universal single control it is a variable amount subsidy paid by the INPS every month to families living in Italy and one or more tax dependent children from 7 months to 21 years and children with disabilities without age limits.

The aim of the grant is to support the families in the monthly expenses that they have every day for childcare.

In summary, therefore, the requirements to be met in order to receive the Universal Eligibility are as follows:

  • become resident in Italy;
  • tax dependent children have:
    • one or more children between 7 months and 18 years,
    • one or more Children with disabilities without age limits (over 21 years),
    • one or more adult children up to 21 years only these cases.

Here are the family bonuses that were replaced by the single check last March:

Table of individual child benefit amount, surcharge and ISEE areas

To calculate the Universal Allowance Amount, you need the ISEE Band Family (shown in the table below), multiply the base figure by the number of tax dependent children and add the Surcharge to which you are entitled. Those who receive nationality income, on the other hand, have to deduct the small part of the rdc from the basic amount of the allowance.

Universal control quantities and surcharge table

The table below shows some examples of general base amounts.

I SEE Amount of minor child Amount of adult children up to 21 years
Up to 15 thousand euros for 175 euros for 85 euros
20 thousand euros 150 Euro for 73 euros
25 thousand euros for 125 euros for 61 euros
30 thousand euros 100 Euro for 49 euros
35 thousand euros for 75 Euro for 37 euros
from 40 thousand euros 50 Euro 25 Euro

Here are all the increases recognized on a single check:

  • fir each child after the second is up to one Surcharge between 15 and 85 eurosaccording to the ISEE;
  • fir each child after the second is up to one Surcharge between 15 and 85 eurosaccording to the ISEE;
  • fir Children with disabilities between 18 and 21 year olds are entitled to 80 Euros in addition per month. At the age of 21, the increase varies from 15 to 85 €. Instead, for minors, the following are due:
    • 85 Euros in case of average disability;
    • 95 Euros in case of a severe disability;
    • 105 Euros in case of non-self-sufficiency.
  • when both parents earned income € 30 more per month for low ISEES. The amount starts from € 15,000 down to zero at the threshold of € 40,000;
  • The family with more than three children they will still have 100 euros per month;
  • the families with less than 25,000 euros from Isee that received ANF last year they will receive an additional bonus, of a definite amount, which will decrease from year to year until 2025, when it disappears completely.

How to apply for the team allowance for children

Do Application for universal allowance presents itself from this page of the INPS site for the financial contribution for families, by accessing the service with SPID, CNS or CIE, which guarantees all necessary information about the tax-dependent children, the declarations of responsibility of the parent. which is the demand and the methods that the citizen has chosen to make the payments.

Cafés and employers can take care of the universal allowance application, or parents can take care of the INPS Call Centerby calling the number 803 164 (free from landline) or to the number 06 164 164 (for a mobile phone tax).

Citizens’ income recipients, on the other hand, do not have to apply for INPS and are entitled to the recognition of an integration, guaranteed by the universal allowance, directly on the Rdc card. Thus, there are families who need to fill out the Rdc Com Au form in order to qualify for the subsidy payments.

Who needs to fill out the Rdc Com Au form

INPS, in circular n ° 53 of 28 April, states that the Rdc Com Au form must be completed and forwarded in these specific cases:

  • in the family there is an adult child (read here the rules for adult children) depending, until the age of 21 Age that meets one of the following requirements:
    • attend a course Education, professional you hate Closing;
    • played a Stage or a work activity with a total income of less than 8,000 Euros per year;
    • is unemployed and looking for work Employment center;
    • is engaged in the civil service;
    • is not correctly specified in the DSU, a useful document for recognizing the Rdc indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in Part A of the DSU);
  • there is one in the family Mom who is under 21 years old not correctly stated in the DSU for the recognition of the Rdc as declarant or spouse of declarant;
  • the need arises to indicate who the parental responsibility is in the case of Separation, Divorce or in the presence of natural parents do not live together (here is the guide for parents who do not live together);
  • Children with disabilities are not adequately targeted by the INPS when calculating the amount for the general public;
  • there is one valid disposition of task of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).

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