JESI / Iis Marconi Pieralisi dresses in rainbow colors: banners of peace in every window

A day dedicated to reflect on the subject of war between Russia and Ukraine mat a claws attitude of the whole school community

JESI, March 10, 2022Committed to peace is the slogan, aware without Tonic Accent, fir Witness a continuous conscience and at the same time a moral imperative, written on a background rainbow color that stands out from a Saturday morning over the iMain entrance of the buildingIis Marconi Pieralisi.

A day dedicated to reflect on the subject of war between Russia and Ukraine at the end of which the institute is disguised Messages of peace by the Banners designed by every class, realized In the hanging on the window of your classroom.

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A symbolic but concrete gesture. A claws attitude of the whole school community. The assembly was presided over by the teachers of the Function no. 3 Anna Rosati, Arianna Martelli, Rossana Raffaeliand by the representatives of the Institute Alice Marinelli, Leonardo Bonacci, Davide Marconi and Francesco Mosca fir reaffirm the central role of the School in training not only culturally and professionally but also by Citizen and by the person.

According to Professor Anna Rosati, the meeting proved to be a means of expressing feelings, fears and desires: Commitment and work were opposed by Participation In the Collaboration Vun Students, colleagues and staff all.

“We felt the need shares a moment of reflection and shows the horror of what we are experiencing, Feeling maybe less alone in front of one Fear so great“.

The teacher Patrizia Rosini opened the meeting with a precise historical analysis dedicated to edited who have led to conflictthe Professor. Alessandro Viventi commented Article 11 of the Constitution Highlight it Pacific position of Italy In the the importance of the Diplomacy in the resolution of international disputes.

Professor Rita Armati addressed the issue of human rights violations and Gods War crimes and further emphasized the importance of selection In the select your own Channels Vun Information fir en balanced knowledge of events.

Particularly engaged were the Interventions of Ukraine Boy of ice Marconi Pieralisi, Alex In the Oleksandr: a touching story greeted by glasses of applause.

Then the testimony of Sara, a student at the International Relations Faculty, has just returned from Moscow wou de his final year of master’s studies. Sara said there Difficulties encountered in planning return to Italy because Closing of Air space of many countries bordering Russia, Return strongly recommended by Farnesina and concentrated on Climate of growing tension that he breathed in the last days of his stay in Moscow without clear and complete information about real events.

He closed his speech with an invitation to ask about In the Develop your own critical thinking on what reported by Average.

DEN Guys have reported Moreover, too Superficiality In the Speculations in conversation about war if only for hoart gär op social as Tik tok.

This does not provide any information”The boys repeated.

A day to reflect on the major current issues – said the Manager Corrado Marri – so that the young can learn that War is not only the prerogative of history books, mee haut real an no“.


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