Ius scholae. Brescia (M5S): Choice of trust in the school community and in the commitment of teachers

The ius soli becomes ius scholae, at least this is the attempt. “This proposal – says the chairman of the Constitutional Commission, Giuseppe Bresciapresented to Parliament the provision – should promptly introduce a new case, which complies with the principle of ius scholaewith a choice of trust not only in foreigners who want to integrate their children, but in Teach community workin the Commitment of schoolchildren and teachers who build and teach our Republic in the classroom i Values ​​of our Constitution“.

How to get Italian citizenship?

“The foreign minor born in Italy or who entered it at the age of 12, who has resided in Italy legally and without interruption” and who “has” participated regularlyin the national territory, for at least five years, one or more school cycles“Or courses of education and vocational training” you buy Italian nationality“. The unified text of the nationality reform presented in Constitutional Affairs Commission by Rapporteur Giuseppe Brescia (M5s).


“Thirty years after the approval of the Law 91/1992the legislature must take note of the profound transformations that have taken place in Italian society and update the rules for citizenship “, the deputy of the 5 Star Movement on his website, and remarks: We must not “deceive and disappoint hundreds of thousands of young people. They are children of foreigners who have studied and studied with our children and have seen their lives conditioned by the lack of a minimum law of civilization ”.

“I say that clearly. There is no ius soli in the proposed text, “Claims Giuseppe Brescia, saying that all previous attempts at reform” have been strongly influenced by political exploitation and media distortions, which have only increased the volume of propaganda without bringing about change. To achieve this goal – he explains – it is therefore necessary to reverse the paradigm, to avoid ideological fraud and to focus on a simple text, capable of not giving in to manipulation.

An issue that will soon concern young refugees traveling from Ukraine to Italy to escape the war, in which Minister Bianchi himself promises hospitality and solidarity.

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