ITT Leonardo da Vinci closes the Mepev project

School – The last meeting in Ankara, in which the representatives of the Viterbo Institute participated electronically

Ankara – The Mepev Project

Viterbo – We receive and publish – Times of ballot papers and exams for school and reporting for projects. At ITT Da Vinci, the end of the school year 2021-22 will also be the culmination of the European Mepev project.

With the meeting in Ankara, the path of the Mepev mediators and peacemaker peer sacrifice project was completed.

The University of Ankara Altindag Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu, Turkey, acted as Project Leader and for this reason the Final Meeting took place in the Conference Room of the University. Representatives of the University of Maribor Slovenia, the Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS) Austria and our only educational institution were hosted.

Our participation was possible via video conference, as all the members of the group were appointed as commissioners or presidents of the state examinations and only the closure of the school for the administrative elections could also participate at a distance. During the meeting, the timing of the project reporting was determined. Due to the specificity of the subject, the project will still be active and over the next five years the activities will be supervised.

Our school manager Luca Damiani can be proud of the choice made by the Turkish promoter because it is linked to the activity that the ITT of Viterbo has been carrying out for years in the field of bullying, in the prevention and implementation of good practices.

During the meeting in Ankara, the point was made on all the expenses of the project. The manuals for coaches and mediators in all the languages ​​of the partners are completed. The handbooks are a support for the training of peer groups, which are conflict solvers, handbooks provided by the good practices studied by the partners. The platform and the associated game are now complete and the academic article with the data obtained from the questionnaire is under scientific approval.

All partners completed the training phase and activated the forms of communication with other subjects. As a school in the area, we organized a preparatory session in May for the activities that will be carried out over the next 5 years.

The meeting in Ankara ended with the satisfaction of having done an excellent job and our foreign interlocutors expressed their desire to collaborate again with our Institute on other European projects. They appreciate our care and deep activity in the proposed areas, excellent organization of the materials and seriousness in respecting the processing times of the materials.

Itt Leonardo da Vinci Viterbo

June 29, 2022


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