ITS Green Leather Manager

The sustainable future of the Veneto Leather District begins with the ITS Green Leather Manager

From the reform of the ITS Academy, the relaunch plan of the ITS of Arzignano for the sustainable turning point of the leather supply chain

A few days after the news of the reform

of the Higher Technological Institutes (ITS), by Minister Bianchi as one of the most important provided in the PNRR, which guarantees “the direct relationship with the territories and their production materials”, Arzignano relaunches his ITS Green Leather Manager, the only one in Italy entirely dedicated to train technicians specializing in the research and development of sustainable products and processes for the leather supply chain.

It does so by presenting the new “Plan for Orientation” in a press conference that sees the Chiampo Valley symbolically represented, by the two mayors of the cities of Arzignano and Montebello Vicentino, Alessia Bevilacqua and Dino Magnaboscotogether with the Director of Environment of the Province of Vicenza, Matteo Macilotti, and the main actors of the project: the ITS COSMO Academy Foundation, the Veneto Leather District, the Italian Leather Chemists Association (AICC) and the Industry Union Italian Tanning ( UNIC).

The Mayor of Arzignano, Alessia Bevilacqua:

“ITS represents a training center of excellence for the key sector of the Chiampo Valley, the Tanning. It is important that young people consider this course at a high level, which offers important job opportunities.

The percentage of post-training employment is high. It is important that entrepreneurs also consider the potential of the ITS Green Leather Manager for their employees as it allows for continuous high-level training even in view of the increasingly stringent need to promote sustainability. “

Awarded as excellence for vocational training in the European Commission competition – VET Awards 2020 – and ranked at the top of the INDIRE 2021 ranking of Italian ITS, the ITS Green Leather Manager highly specialized post-diploma course offers an employability index of 90%.

The “green” future of the Veneto leather district

starts from this ITS, which trains the management figures needed for the development of projects we have been working on for some time, to a very circular and sustainable economy “in the words of Riccardo Boschetti, President of Veneto Leather District, also reinforced by those of the District Director, Chiara Carradore, who added to the “Orientation Plan”:

“The multi-year program of activities aims to consolidate the connection with the territory and to make teachers and students of the lower and upper secondary schools aware of the potential and the job opportunities offered by the ITS Green Leather Manager “Courses that guarantee a secure source of income contribute to the sustainable development of the district”

The two-year course, recognized by the University of Northampton (UK),

enjoys the agreement with the University of Padua, which recognizes educational credits and participates with its own teachers, who support professionals in the sector, actively through the school’s relationship with companies and in collaboration with AICC. The two years include 800 hours of internships and workshops.

A solid foundation of the tanning process is provided, which also offers students from other schools the opportunity to attend “- the words of Damiano Cracco, scientific director of the course and AICC speaker, who further added” During the 1200 hours of teaching in the classroom also address issues that are the basis of market demands, such as certifications: Quality 9001, Safety 45001 and Environment 14001 “.

“After a process of almost a year, the ITS reform is an important milestone. Finally, we can equip ourselves with a training, professionalising, non-academic, tertiary channel, like the ones that exist in all European countries, for our long time took time to fill gaps.

Supporting training and innovation needs, but also improving the know-how of traditional sectors such as ours, is a task we undertake together with our companies with determination. The words of Fulvia Bacchi General Manager of UNIC – Italian Tanneries Union and CEO of Lineapelle Milano.


The reform of the ITS Academy

On 12 July 2022, the Chamber approved the law for the bio-reform of higher education institutions, which aims to double the enrollment, entrusting the ITS academy with the task of improving the vocational training of senior technicians with a high level to expand. technological skills and technical-professional “.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the training activity is carried out for at least 60% of the total hours of teachers from the world of work.

The new law, which aims to integrate these paths with the cycle of vocational university degrees and further strengthen the relationship with the companies, with the allocation of 1.5 billion in funds from the PNRR and also a tax credit of 30% for companies that decide. to invest in ITS.

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ITS Green Leather Manager – ITS COSMO Fashion Academy Foundation

Managed by the ITS Cosmo Academy Foundation, whose president Rambaldi is also president of the fashion section of Assindustria Veneto Centro, the course is organized with the support of Veneto Leather District, Galilei Technical Institute of Arzignano, Italian Chemical Association del Cuoio, d ‘Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Material Industry (SSIP) and is funded by the ESF from the Ministry of Education in the Veneto region.

The two-year period, which includes 1,200 hours of classroom courses and 800 internships in companies in the sector, allows the achievement of the title of the EQF (European Qualification Framework) 5. a project work carried out in close collaboration with the company, which Internship organized.

The course includes the opportunity to receive scholarships offered by companies in the district.

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Green Leather Manager

The Veneto Leather District

Founded in 2009 on the orders of several companies and associations that have come together to bring to life innovation projects that are common throughout the supply chain and the territory, the “Veneto Leather District” consortium represents the first Italian tanning center, with a turnover. annual turnover of over 3 billion euros, equivalent to about 60% of italian turnover and 13.5% of world turnover in the tanning industry sector, has about 12,000 employees and over 600 companies belonging to the supply chain, in 900 local operating systems Units.

Officially recognized as a legal entity by the Veneto region (DGR n. 1797 of 12/9/15, according to LR n. 13 of 05/30/14 “Discipline of industrial districts, regional innovative networks and business combinations”), the Veneto Leather District brings together companies from across the dental industry: tanneries, technology and mechanical engineering companies, chemical manufacturers, recycling and recovery companies.

He actively collaborates with specialized training institutes and sees the main trading associations represented on his board of directors: Confindustria, Confartigianato, Apindustria, Assomac, UNPAC and AICC.

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AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists

The Italian Association of Leather Chemists is the reference point for operators in the world of leather.

Its partners are chemists and leather technicians, graduates or graduates, engaged in the tanning and dyeing industry and companies that revolve around the tanning industry.

Under the objectives of the AICC: to promote scientific culture in the leather world, to disseminate the results of technical-scientific works and to establish contacts between employees and the dental world.

AICC actively supports schooling by investing in young high school postgraduates, offering textbooks and scholarships in the main Italian tanning districts and participating directly with its ITS Green Leather Manager teaching staff.

The AICC has been entrusted with the task of organizing the III EuroCongresso IULTCS – the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies – entitled “Rinascimento: The Next Leather Generation” in Vicenza from 18 to 20 September 2022.

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UNIC – National Union of Tanning Industry

The National Union of Tanning Industry is the most important Italian association of tanning industrialists and one of the most important in the world. Since 1946 it has represented a strategic sector for the Italian economic and manufacturing material. It promotes and enhances its social and ecological role in tanning, the interest of the category, represents it at every level and promotes its innovation.

It is a member of Confindustria, the European Confederation of Tanners (Cotance) and the International Council of Tanners (ICT).

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Arzignano, July 19, 2022

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