Italy, according to Ivan Basso and Moreno Argentina, we have to start again from young people in schools: “From a very young age, a different management is needed”

What happened to the Italian bike? Many are wondering this in the year 2022 when victories, at least at the male level, are fighting to come to our colors. Certainly not everything should be thrown away, because the results achieved less than a year ago, with the great performance of Sonny Colbrelli In the Gianni Moscon in Paris-Roubaix and the extraordinary achievements of Philip Ganna between the track with the quartet and the time trial world championship, but surely something needs to be revised. Not from the bad luck that has befallen our movement this season (impossible not to think about what happened to Colbrelli at the height of his career or the many men from classics whose preparation was slowed down just in view of the season of Covid), it is inevitably it is not going well.

The data is there for all to see: there is no climber to fill the gap he leaves behind at the end of the season Vincenzo Nibali (Asatana Qazaqstan) and the four stage victories obtained by promising young al Giro d’Italia 2022, they are not enough to consider the balance sheet positive. When young like Andrea Piccolo (Drone Hopper-Androni Toys), Andrea Bagioli (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl), Filippo Baroncini (Trek-Segafredo), Alberto Dainese (DSM), Jonathan Milan (Bahrain Victorious) e Alessandro Covi (UAE Team Emirates) show something interesting, there are still many problems to solve. In the last period David Cassani he listed a few, such as the lack of visibility for the sport and the absence of a WorldTour team.

Reached by the journalists of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Ivan Basso another identified, comparing the Italian situation with the Slovenian one: “Their model works, and not only in cycling, because they started from the schools, from an approach that we have to look at very carefully. Sport belongs in all respects to the school curriculum, here we do not have this culture, because of course the priorities are different. Both the young and those who want to invest must be brought closer to cyclinggenerate more visibility and more returns”.

The words of the two-time winner of the Giro d’Italia are given by those of Moreno Argentinaalways published in the leading Italian sports newspaper: “We must rethink the system, from a very young age a different management is needed. In terms of preparation, tradition and technicians in the sector, we have nothing to envy in Belgium and the Netherlands, but they are constantly pulling out new successes and we are almost at a standstill. Clearly something is wrong.”

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