Italian Sailing Federation – FIV Sailing School: Updates from Councilor Antonietta De Falco

“It is also necessary to rethink our sport in the form of personal well-being and values ​​by redesigning playful-educational activities such as sailing games, so that they develop all cognitive and motor skills. It is necessary for a significant synergy with training, sustainability and Target sector to create many contact points, avoid sectors with waterproof compartments.

That is the message of the Council of Deputies Antonietta De Falco, Spokesperson for the sailing school and VelaScuola sector. A life, his, wrapped tightly with the sea. Antonietta made her passion, first her sport of sailing, then her studies, 2006 degree in environmental sciences with a naval address and finally her profession as director of the Mascalzone Latino Sailing School and FIV Federal Council.

“The basic idea is to return the right role and importance in the orientation and training of sailing enthusiasts, athletes and future athletes in the sailing school sector,” explains De Falco.

How was the activity of the sailing school reorganized?

“Provide training opportunities for both referees from the Zonali sailing school sector and for the technicians specializing in introducing our discipline and who are in charge of organizing the meetings, in order to then enter the cascade into the whole organizational world of the sailing school. From this year onwards, updates are mandatory for instructors and managers. Provincial and zone assemblies which start from early June to early September. The former must be brought to the attention of the zones in order to be an opportunity for activities for the more peripheral clubs to meet and develop; while zonal meetings must be held as real events, while visibility is given to the many sponsors such as Kinder, Geomag and Armare to focus on children and fun through water and nautical games with special attention to sustainability and good practices ”.

What is the challenge of the growth of sailing in the hundreds of sailing schools operating in Italy?

“This first year, the numbers have pleased us, but there is still a lot to do, especially as the new guidelines for cultural change are envisaged. clear signs of an ever-increasing need for children and adolescents who engage in less and less physical activity to motor skills, so already at the beginning of the four-year period an effort was made for the will of President Ettorre for the basis expand and thus offer programs and training offers for those who approach sailing for the first time and for those who are once seeks his own space and dimension in the club closest to home, so that the outcome so as limited as possible.

The sport was also guaranteed for everyone, even the most fragile subjects in the area, to break down social and economic barriers.

“Even for fragile topics, attention is maximized. Last year with the project “together with sailing without barriers” the aim was to bring everyone, very young and old, into the sport, especially on disability. In this case too, the school accelerated the adaptation of the offer for parasailing. So much so that there is talk of incorporating a parasailing class into student sports players, to enable even those with different abilities to engage in the activity, and to guarantee a practice for everyone. I do not deny that we are seriously considering putting something concrete into the Zonal Assemblies, precisely in order to pursue the interest that exists in guaranteeing the sport that those who have hitherto been forced to watch. In addition, thanks to the Kids and Junior Active School project, it was possible to implement motor programs that can be adapted to the different competencies that are present in the class, to guarantee an inclusion in each area. Another very important aspect is the openness to physical activity for the mentally handicapped, which until now were not considered in the competence of the federations, but were delegated to the sports promotion bodies. Here too the dialogue with the reference sector, the Paralympic sector, is fundamental and continuous. In short, we’re really on a few fronts and an important wind of change and the crew is starting to show a good feeling after a first year of navigation … among other things, there are good tactics and meteorologists on board! “

What opportunities are now opening up with the school, following a stagnation due to the pandemic?

“The world of school with the new track pursued by the Deputy Secretary for Sports Valentina Vezzali, has seen the resumption of physical activity also in primary school, creating new job opportunities for graduates in physical education and, under our instructors, there are In addition, sport and health have launched the project “Kids and Junior Active School” the various sports federations involved. For sailing, it was an enormous opportunity, as it saw the accession of more than 60 middle and primary schools, which among all possible sports chose only two optional preferences, sailing; which translates into thousands of children who have the opportunity to get in touch with our sport. Moreover, the funds that young people have agreed to redeem from these years of social and cultural deprivation are plentiful and are already being talked about Plan Summer School 2022 to guarantee training opportunities even after school, to promote outdoor and experiential activities “.

Is it back to normal after the pandemic?

“The terrible pandemic that has hit everyone around the board has given back a great desire to be outdoors and to experience the marine and marine environment in a more engaged and active way, especially after so many sedentary lifestyles. So we had a Exploitation of registrations and adhesions to the sailing school, in large numbers: our affiliates were not caught unprepared, but they worked hard to inspire children, teenagers and adults. For this year, the challenge is not only numerical, there is more emphasis on the activities carried out and therefore on the activated courses. So the awards for the Best sailing schools in Italy will be attributed to those who diversify their training offerings from parasailing, to VelaScuola, to various courses and to participation in sailing school meetings. Key resources were set up for the territory development program, rewarding the first 50 sailing schools proportionally. The award ceremony will be a new thoughtful event to bring back the right space and merit for those who work on the basis and truly create the conditions to reach the top level.


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