It is necessary to know how to recognize, combat and report a problem that often ruins the school experience

A major obstacle to the creation of a calm climate is represented by bullying, which is the set of acts of violence and bullying perpetrated by boys or girls against the weakest. It is essential to understand the causes and characteristics of these violent behaviors, to find ways to prevent, combat and report this phenomenon that is ruining the school experience of many students. With our Da Vinci-Leopardi middle school in Avenza, we participated in the NoTRAP project (Noncadiamointrappola!) Which consists of the limitation of bullying in all its forms, conceived and promoted by the University of Psychology of Florence, which has been doing it for several years. in the schools of Tuscany. It is a bullying and cyberbullying prevention program aimed at first and second grade high school students. The efficiency of the project was evidenced by the data collected over the years; in fact, episode, face-to-face and online aggression decreased by 30%, reducing victims’ suffering, improving the well-being of boys and girls. The project aims to involve students between the ages of 12 and 16 to prevent inappropriate behavior: Children, based on a peer educator model, become aware of the actors of change, aware of the growing physical and psychological violence they suffer every day. . The project consisted of: three second classes (B, D, F) participated in our institute, which held various meetings with the experts. The first, conducted in both classes, had as its goal the theoretical explanation:

Ten young volunteers were selected who took part in the training as peer educators and were to guide their classmates in carrying out the activity in the classroom.

The first consisted of creating a map in which emotions, behavioral and physiological reactions were reported, which can arise after episodes of bullying: anger, shame, sadness and fear. This is followed by a reflection on the different emotions that each of us may feel in the face of the same episode of violence. In the second step, the problem solving, they identified themselves in the role of the victim or the spectator to solve the problem for him. During the classroom activity, posters were put up that were the subject of discussion and comparisons, so that students could actively engage in topics of bullying now or in the future.

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