Is the birth of the only school complex endangering Mistretta’s high schools?

Two city council resolutions, one approved last January 25 by the executive body of Commune of Santo Stefano di Camastra and the other by the Board of Directors of Commune of Caroniaboth have the object “Establishment of a technical / professional school center”, consists oftourist hotel Vun Santo Stefano di Camastraofagricultural Vun Caroniaof the technical-technological Tomasi di Lampedusa vun Sant’Agata di Militello and the Institute technical-economic Vun Tortoricihas raised perplexity in the many who argue that you‘Alessandro Manzoni Mistretta High School Institutewhich apparently did not return for the school year 2022/2023, in the regional dimension plan, could later suffer from the loss of damage. Saint Stephen In the Caronia.

If, on the one hand, the project to create a multidisciplinary education center under a single management also brings together the territoriality, which is characterized by the minimum common denominator “Nebrodi Park”on the other hand, without a doubt, such planning would harm i High schools Vun Mistretta.

In an attempt to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the project on two scales, we contacted the Mayor of Caronia by phone, Giuseppe Cuffari, to ask him where the idea of ​​setting up the technical / professional center comes from. From the first citizen we learn that it is all the result of an idea of ​​the teacher of theState ITET “G. Tomasi di Lampedusa” Vun Sant’Agata di Militelloas regent ofIIS “Alessandro Manzoni” Vun Mistretta, Antonietta Emanueleand that the aim of the project would be to guarantee a better efficiency and effectiveness of the training offer, through the integration of professional, logistical and instrumental resources of technical institutions.

“We welcome the proposal for the membership of Principal Emanuele, and to push politically in that direction, because we are convinced that a technical-professional pole, with a structured and stable form of cooperation between technical and professional institutions, is a Create an education system of education and training that favors the enthusiasm between knowledge and know-how – says the municipal council for public education of the municipality Caronia, Santina Miragliotta -. Emanuele had already launched the proposal in 2017 to build up a technical / professional pole also in the previous administration, already in 2017. On that occasion, the manager came to Caronia, accompanied by prof. Hospital, to present his idea, but nothing came of it.