L’AQUILA – The social year 2021-2022 of the IIW Club L’Aquila is just over, in the Relais Restaurant Magione Papale, in the presence of club members, civil and religious authorities and representatives of the Rotarian family and other city service clubs.

The following intervenes in the usual ceremony of the passage of the hammer on 30 June, with the opening of the new social year 2022-2023: Luisa Di Laura 2021-22 Rotary President L’Aquila Gran Sasso d’Italia, Patrizia Masciovecchio President 2022-23 Rotary L’Aquila, Marisa Iannarelli Vice President Lions L’Aquila, Rita Leonardi President of the Serra Club L’Aquila e Don Carmelo Pagano Le Rose, Professor and Deputy Director of ISSR, representing H.Em. Most Rev Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi.

The Outgoing PresidentAnna Di Luca Agnino, completed two years of presidency with many goals achieved by the club despite the difficulties encountered due to the pandemic. The club celebrates, in addition to 31 years of activity, also the winning of the first prize of the audience in the competition “Click Pink”, a special photo exhibition organized by the district 209 Italy (representing the regions of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise), which with a moral recognition contextualizes the most representative photo in a service focused on female leadership.

A great evening full of resolutions for the new social year, which begins with many new ideas of service to the community.

The new president, Giovanna Renzetti, is an entrepreneur of L’Aquila and graphic designer. Constantly active member also in other prestigious city service clubs, he reached the presidency of the International Inner Rad of L’Aquila 8 years after his entry. In her keynote address, she touches on various topics and goals focused on the strength of female friendship, the foundation of all work of International Inner Wheel, which is one of the leading women volunteer service clubs in the world; the president presented the program for the year 2022-2023, which will further engage the club in these times of uncertainty to do its part in humanitarian and environmental issues, promoting the four areas of the 2021-2024 social project “Strong Women Stronger” World “including health, education, opportunities and empowering women.

Particular attention is being paid to public health in the region through the project “In the heart of the most fragile”, an initiative dedicated to supporting families facing delicate issues arising from the care of children and adolescents, from 2 Years are, up to 18, affected by congenital or experienced heart disease.
Particular attention will be paid to the issue of NO to gender-based violence, encouraging initiatives to help and reintegrate victims of violence into the world of work. Cultural and educational meetings are also promoted to support the environment and digital literacy at all age levels.

Finally, there are the initiatives promoted by the new international theme “Work Wonders” by International President Zenaida Farcon.

The Executive Committee of the Inner Wheel L’Aquila Club for the year 2022-2023 is composed as follows:

President: Giovanna Renzetti
Vice President: Anna Elisa Petrilli Moretti
Direct Past President: Anna Di Luca Agnino
Secretary: Annarita Di Pietro Maccarrone
Treasurer: Rosanna Proietti Giallonardo
Press Officer: Lia Giaccio Ferraro
International Service Officer: Vanda Cucchiella Carducci
Directed by: Rita Moriconi Marinelli, Mirella Iacomini Carruba, Concettina Buccella Cecati, Camilla Laghi Ruggeri, Nunziatina Albuccetti Basti, Silvana D’Altorio Petrella
Delegate to the District Committee: Elena Campana, Rosalba Visioni
Alternate delegates in the district committee: Anna Di Luca Agnino, Paola Poli Storelli
Internet Manager: Carla Pasqua Vicentini
Delegate – Silvana D’Altorio Petrella
Internet Manager – Carla Vicentini Easter



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