INPS, here are the explanations for the single check: “Attention”

The INPS has practically always dealt with several extremely important operations, as the main social security institution controlled by the Italian state: it manages the social security contributions and pensions, but is also used to manage the various bonuses and various concessions developed by governments were. The Single Check falls into the latter category, and has officially taken the place of a whole host of bonuses related to child management.

INPS, here are the explanations for the single check: “Attention”

It is an economic bonus that is paid by a monthly transfer (and not on pay, as has long been the case for other types of concessions of this type, of which the single check takes place, such as the Family Allowances , the morning of the mother. and the baby bonus), intended for all families, regardless of the working conditions of the parents.

The measure takes into account several parameters: it is available to all family units, including dependent children, as well as those “on the move”, starting from the 7th month of pregnancy. Adult children up to 21 years of age are also included in the calculation, if in the face of a school or vocational training, a course (high schools, vocational and technical institutions, regional vocational training, education and higher technical training courses (IFTS)), higher technical institutes (ITS ) or all degree courses.

Alternatively, in order to benefit from the single allowance, the adult child must perform the service of the civil service, or is unemployed and looking for a job in the public employment service or is employed in an internship and has a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per Year. On the other hand, there are no limits of any kind (including age) for disabled children.

The single check “takes into account” the ISEE but there are increases for large families or disabled children.

The only allowance is also due to households with citizenship income, if they meet the requirements without further application. The INPS has clarified situations, including divorced, divorced or, of course, non-cohabiting parents: in this case, the parents have the parental responsibility in the joint custody of one or more children belonging to the family unit of the other parent who citizenship income, to pay in equal parts of the single and general allowance, he / she must submit an application for mastery of the measure, half of which is paid on the nationality income card and the other half by bank transfer.

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