Inps credit date and amount

This month, the allowance d’allocation d’équipe will be paid to families from August 15, with a possible postponement of the date to August 16 due to the holiday of August 15. Applicants who receive citizenship, on the other hand, will be credited with the check from August 27.

This month theSingle check for families is paid out from August 15, with a possible shift of the date to August 16 due to the Ferragosto holiday. To request parents who are also recipients of citizenship, on the other hand, the measure will be paid from August 27 on the Rdc card of the Poste Italiane, along with income support.

The beneficiaries of the income will not receive the required amount of the single check in full, but only an integration called Rdc / AU. This is automatically provided to all those whose data is present in the INPS databases. While for some categories of families whose composition of the core is unknown to the Institute, an online procedure is provided to request the integration of the Single Check in addition to the Citizenship income.

Those who applied for the single check after June 30 will no longer be able to receive the March application.

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Single check for August 2022: Payment plan on Rdc card and current account

The payment of the August single check is made from the 15th of the month by credit to a bank account, post office, credit or debit card and savings book. However, if the designated date falls on the August holiday, the supply can start the next day, August 16. On the other hand, the payment plan for those parents who are also recipients of citizenship is different. From August 27, the single check will be partially paid to these subjects on the specific Rdc card – with an integration into the income support.

The amount for the single check for August: Arrears are not foreseen

Until June 30, it was also possible to submit the application for the single check, to receive the application from January 2022. However, those who submitted the application in July will receive the corresponding amount only in August, per current month. , which can vary from a minimum of 25 euros to a maximum of 175 euros.

The amount allocated to each core varies according to the ISEE and the composition of the family. The minimum amount of 25 euros for each child under the age of 21 and 50 euros for each minor child is due to those who have an equivalent economic situation indicator over 40 thousand euros and to those who submitted the document.

The maximum amounts are instead families with Isee up to 15 thousand euros: 85 euros for each adult child up to 21 years and 175 euros for each minor child.

Further increases are only granted in special cases, such as for the presence of additional children per second (from a minimum of 15 euros to a maximum of 85 euros according to Isee) or for independent children (100 euros each, regardless of indicator).

Who has the right to the single check and the cases in which the request is rejected

All families with at least one dependent minor child or an adult child under 21 who are in precise conditions are entitled to the Single Check:

  • Attendance at a school or vocational training, or a graduation course;
  • Carrying out an internship and a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year;
  • Registering as unemployed and looking for a job with the public employment services;
  • the execution of the general civil service;
  • disability

Regarding the requests parent, the following requirements must be present:

  • Payment of income tax in Italy;
  • Residence or domicile in Italy
  • Residence in Italy for at least two years, even if not continuously, or is the holder of an open-ended or fixed-term employment contract lasting at least six months;

In the absence of the required requirements, the application to obtain the single check may be rejected. To date there is no possibility of appeal, but in the personal section of the INPS site you can check the reasons for the refusal in detail.

If, on the other hand, the application form is in the status of “evidence at the main office”, the procedure can be easily lifted with a preliminary investigation supplement. The status, on the other hand, of “evidence for the citizen” indicates the need to present additional documentation.

Single check, in 2023 it will be paid automatically

In 2023, the Single Check will be automatically paid to families who applied for it in 2022 and reported no change in eligibility. This was announced by the Director General of INPS, Vincenzo Caridi. In addition, the monthly basic amount will rise to 190 euros per month due to inflation indexation and the ISEE threshold to receive the measure will also be higher. According to data collected by INPS, in the first six months of 2022 the single check was requested by 5.7 million parents, while at the end of July approximately 5.2 billion were paid out. However, the requests made were lower than expected and the average amount lower.

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