Innovative teaching, the peer-to-peer method: students learn to compensate for those left behind

The pandemic we all hope to have left behind has left us with an overall digital evolution of our society, including school. It would be absurd not to start from the point where the blockage made us run, without preparation out of sheer necessity but actually to accelerate a path that would otherwise be much slower.

Unfortunately, while we are on the one hand trying to emerge from the pandemic, we are all turning our minds to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This state of insecurity affects the growth of children on an emotional and psychological level who, for example, have never made a school trip and we know how important it is to create aggregation, group, erase shyness, important moments that we all adults remember with Friday.


The peer to peer method

One of the innovative methods applied in some institutes as an experimental learning approach is the “peer to peer“Peer Education” is a methodology by which some members of a group are trained to play the role of educator within the group themselves vis-à-vis their peers. Context for the constitution of their own identity: the others act as agents of socialization and allow each member of the community to put themselves to the test, compare themselves and open up for dialogue and listening.

Very interesting is the conference entitled “Winning the Pandemic: Young people, digital and new peer-to-peer models” which was organized on Wednesday 16 March in the Aula Magna of the University for Foreigners of Perugia as part of the teaching of Sociology of the Closing Courses in International Communication and Advertising. (Source orvieto news).

To conclude the work was the President of the Province of Perugia, Stefania Proietti, who emphasized how the generation of parents and administrators must find time to stop and reflect on how the world of tomorrow is being built.

We are trying to emerge from a pandemic, Proietti explains, and we are thinking of war. I understand that everything is changing too fast. As Mayor and President of the Province, I feel a strong responsibility to stop and think about how we present the future, what kind of world to propose and what kind of world our young people can leave behind.“.

The study involved the participation of high schools in the “peer-to-peer” model. The conference discusses methodologies and tools for responding to contingent social problems, along with new interdisciplinary models of classroom community building in Dad’s time.

What is peer-to-peer training

The peer-to-peer method is also used as an important component of an effective recovery and support plan for students with difficulties and delays in preparation. It’s about a mentoring action by a dedicated group of “tutor” students who can motivate others to use the learning resources available at the institute. Mentoring is a training methodology which refers to a relationship (formal or informal) between a person with more experience (senior, mentor) and others with less experience (junior, mentee, protégé), in order to develop ” ultimate skills in training. or work. The activity took the form of a “semi-structured” form of learning and relations between the Paris students. Tutor students can provide concrete support for the study as well as effective motivational stimulation.

How to organize peer-to-peer training

The application of this methodology requires the presence of one Coordinator Teacher deen it ensures the overall coordination of the activity by taking care of the integrated plan of the recovery and support interventions and actually provides the focal point between the tutor students and the students assigned to them. He is also responsible for the planning, execution and control of the activity, the formation of the team of student tutors, the direction of their actions, the suggestions offered, the calendar of the formal meetings according to the needs to define and modify, facilitates and stimulates execution. , evaluates the activity once completed

Team Tutor Student they are the student tutors and therefore the key figures who carry out the activity under the guidance of the coordinating teacher. They are usually divided into subject areas based on the skills acquired in the school. Finally, they complete the organizational framework the rest of the Teachers which aim to provide the necessary support in the dissemination of information in their classrooms and the motivation to engage in the activity of the tutor.

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