Individual money, how does it work when children turn 18? The integration of the application

Individual money, how does it work when children turn 18? To continue to benefit from it, new adults must meet specific requirements, and for this reason it is necessary to continue with the integration of the application in order to receive further payments. Instructions to follow from INPS.

Single checkhow it works when children do 18 years nach i Parents have they already sent the request? Up to 21 years, you are entitled to benefits, but only in the presence of specific conditions (not required in case of disability).

For this reason, when boys and girls go of age we have to keep up with itApplication integration to receive further payments. Alternatively, the son or daughter can directly request the quantities to which they are entitled.

Instructions to follow from INPS.

Individual money, how does it work when children turn 18? Application integration required

L ‘single checkwhich came into force on 1 March, is the new tool to support parents for families who have dependent children from the 7th month of pregnancy without age limits in case of disability and until completion of 21 years.

The Conditions for obtaining itbut change them when girls and boys turn 18. The monthly amount, which ranges from a minimum of 50 euros to a maximum of 175 euros, if one only considers the basic amount, is only available for the three years after the majority age. if any of the following requirements are met:

  • Frequency of a School or vocational trainingor a degree course;
  • execute a Stage or a work activity and has a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  • Registration as Unemployed and looking for a job in the public employment service;
  • to carry out universal Civil Service.

But what happens when the son or daughter reaches out 18 years no der asked et wor already presented?

Explain how the only control works when you come of age is theINPS in the Message number 1714 of April 20, 2022.

There are two hypotheses:

  • Boys and girls present one to Fro in the first person, who cancels the one previously presented by the parents and receives the payments immediately;
  • the interested parties do not proceed independently, and the request for INPS will be forwarded in principle in the state of “Proof”: to continue to receive the expected sums is required an integration to meet the new requirements.
INPS Message Number 1714 of April 20, 2022
Individual and universal consent for dependent children as per statutory decree n. 230/2021. Further explanations about increases for the core for adult children and separated parents

Individual money, what happens when the children reach the age of 18? Instructions on how application integration works

Dwelling on the second case, when for example the demand was properly presented in March but on Boy turns 18 in Julyfrom this month on, the application will be put into status “Proof” to allow the parent integrate the information already provided according to the rules of legislation.

To get further you single check paymentsit will be necessary to proceed as follows:

  • Access to the online application, in the section “Consult and manage the questions you have presented”;
  • choose the “Form” concerning new adult boy;
  • go to the new page and select the presence of one of the alternative conditions for boys and girls up to 21 years.

INPS specified:

“Once the data has been saved, the integrated application will be re-placed in the preliminary survey for the necessary checks, with acknowledgment, in the event of a positive result, of the exceptional amount (of the month following the age of the majority). reach)) “.

In accordance with the Period of coverage of the single check12 months from March, integration is only possible until Deadline of 28 February of the year in which the application was submitted.

Once the original request expires, it will no longer be possible to integrate the missing data.


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