Individual money for dependent children: Application modification functions and payment verification

The following new features are available in the Internet Procedure for the submission of applications for the single and universal allocation for dependent children:

  1. Modification of the application;
  2. Pay Display;
  3. Evidence of positions with anomalies or incompleteness.

The INPS did this with message no. 1962 of 9 May 2022.


Modification of the application

By accessing the “Consult and Manage the Questions You Have Presented” section Main page from the application you can see the data of the application that has already been submitted.

By pressing the “Edit” function key it is possible to change the values ​​of some fields of the child cards that are already present.

These are the fields that could potentially change:

  • Variation or inclusion of the child’s disability;
  • Changes in the declaration on school attendance / training courses for the adult child (18-21 years);
  • Changes related to any separation / marriage of the parents;
  • the tax code of the other parent (provided that he has not already provided his payment method and has not already received a payment);
  • the criteria for the distribution of the allowance between the two parents on the basis of a specific decision of the judge or the agreement between the parents;
  • by the increases provided for in Articles 4 and 5 of Legislative Decree no. 230/2021;
  • Changes related to the payment methods chosen by the applicant and any other parent.

The changes made in force from the moment they are included in the procedure and therefore not the right to reimbursement, with the exception of the declaration on the condition of the child’s disability, where the change exists in advance . (in this case, the applicant must indicate the effective date of the disability).

Watch pay

In the section “Consult and manage the questions you have entered”, after accessing the details of the application (with the corresponding button to the right of the identification details of the application), an additional tab Called “payments”, with which it is possible to see the list of payments, divided by monthly expertise with the specific payment method used.

Evidence of positions with anomalies or incompleteness

By going to the above section “Consult and manage the questions you have presented”, in the summary that appears in the access, there is a field called “Evidence”.

This field shows the user who has entered the question all critical issues that have arisen during the investigation phase and which prevent them from being closed.

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