“Increase compulsory schooling to 18 and extend full-time for children”

The school teacher Caterina Cernicchiaro is the candidate in the Chamber for the Third Pole Italia Viva – Action in the Uninominal College U03 Naples S. Carlo in the Arena in the political elections on September 25. A woman from the south who lives and works in Naples, also very committed to social issues. Its aim is to offer young people concrete prospects for cultural and professional growth, both through a modern school system and in step with the rest of Europe, to overcome strong territorial differences and by proposing a specific tax reduction for young people : total up to 25 years and reduced by 50% up to 29 years.

It confirms the importance of protecting the delicate state of the mother tongue, supporting mothers and families, investing in female entrepreneurship and supporting the birth rate, promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country, expanding opportunities for all, radically simplifying life of the citizens, focus above all on the young and their education, putting the school at the center.

The increase in bills affects the population, they do not worry citizens and businesses a bit: How do you want to intervene in your coalition?
“The 2022 elections come at a critical moment for the Italian economy, consisting of record increases and uncertain forecasts for national security, much of the work will be up to the next government, especially in view of an increasingly likely zeroing of the gas supply . this is necessary in the short term to achieve energy independence, through the construction of two revergas for the import of liquefied natural gas, to increase the production of national gas through the reactivation and upgrading of existing plants and the strategy about to strengthen renewable energies”.

How does the Third Pole want to support families and above all to protect the condition of the mother?
“I believe that the electoral program of the Third Pole is very attentive to the problems inherent in the protection of the condition of women and of the family in general, starting with the implementation of the family law to invest in female work and support. Birth rate with a number of measures that reduce the costs of companies to facilitate the return to work after maternity. ‘Costs for the education of women on maternity leave and for the return. , at work after maternity, the reform of parental leave is proposed by increasing paternity leave for the impact of maternity to minimize the advancement of women’s careers and for a fairer distribution of responsibilities in the family unit”.

What aspects of citizenship income should be revised? What is your position?
“The third pole does not want to abolish the income of the citizens, but rather to introduce changes that encourage the search for a job and the inclusion in the labor market. Only the refusal of a suitable job offer would prohibit the subsidy, which a Time limit of two years to find a job, after which the amount of the allowance would be reduced by at least one third. Work, with mandatory monthly interviews with income earners”.

Regarding education, what are the proposals of the Third Pole?
“The issue of school and university has always been at the center of every political program. The Third Pole is not afraid to face some of the shortcomings of our education system, starting with the inadequacy of the learning levels detected by the . Invalsi and the highest school dropouts in Europe. For the school it is about increasing the school obligation to 18 years, as well as an extension of the full time in the primary school with a relaunch of the national evaluation system to identify how it must be In addition, in view of the introduction of the world of work, there is a plan to redesign secondary education according to the ITS model, to ensure that students acquire the skills that the labor market actually requires, including through course duals and apprenticeships to advance the contact of young people with the world of work, promote laboratory teaching and improve the educational value of work and bet ib contexts. Another point of the program is the improvement of the professionalism and career creation of the teachers, who, with the recognition of the figures that make up the middle management, guarantee a significant increase in their salaries, as well as a ten-year renovation of all school buildings and increasing support for students with special educational needs”.


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