“Including … mind”, concluded the project of the Comprehensive Institute of Vallelonga

The project “Inlcusiva … mind together from Chaos to the Cosmos” started at the Comprehensive Institute of Vallelonga, chaired by teacher Eleonora Rombolà, is over. As part of the fight against early childhood education and training, the activity has developed through a double action aimed at both teachers and students. As for teachers, a course on school inclusion was organized by psychologist Giuseppe Iennarella, flanked by Professor Vittoria Scidà and the role of the teacher.

The second action planned by the project was aimed at primary and secondary school students. The path, which was implemented in the central complex of Vallelonga, led the students to gain a full awareness of their role in the environment, starting from the knowledge of the territory in which they live and the problems associated with its unsustainable use (management of natural) resources, pollution, waste production, change of ecosystems …). The aim of the action was to create conscious and responsible citizens for the protection of the natural environment through paths that touched on three topics: natural resources, waste cycle and sustainable energy. Children and teenagers, in the execution of the activities, were guided by teachers Michela Condello, Maria Galloro and Giovanna Iozzo, flanked by the tutors Maria Antonietta Albanese, Rosanna Ceravolo and Vittoria Galloro. In addition, communication assistants Gina Vavalà, Alessandra Pisani, Bruna Larizza, Veronica Rullo and Antonella Narciso and psychologists Rosalia Durante and Cinzia Bono were involved in the various design phases. As part of the project, a listening visit to the classrooms of psychologist Francesca Tucci was also provided to introduce the psychologist through a playful approach and to facilitate the meeting with a professional who promotes social well-being.emotional .

In addition to the activities carried out in the classrooms, the excursion in the territory was also interesting: the students were actually accompanied to visit the hydroelectric plant in the municipality of San Nicola da Crissa. The stage, organized by the municipalities of San Nicola – under the direction of Mayor Giuseppe Condello – and Capistrano – with Mayor Marco Martino – made it possible to get to know the operation of the facility closely. The students listened with interest to the statements of the engineer Eugenio Condello, who professionally illustrated the methods for renewable energies.
In short, a wide-ranging project activity carried out by the Comprehensive Institute of Vallelonga, which in various capacities has involved the protagonists of the learning-learning process, always puts students at the center with a view to educational growth and meaningful education.

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