Include Reconnect, a new project for Genoese schools

A new project to provide the innovative schools with an innovative and inclusive model that emphasizes the continuity between the different levels of education in the age group 0-13, with digital technologies as an opportunity for didactic and administrative renewal.

The Reconnect to Include project is divided into two levels aimed at Genoa schools: digital and inclusive Genoa, ie support for schools to foster innovation, digitization, redesign of pedagogical, didactic and training pathways, digital education and social innovation , which supports the development of teachers, managers and educators, through the use of digital technologies as a lever for change and accompanies schools in the efficient and effective use of resources available through the pon-call or Pnrr to Be made available.

Contacts were initiated to carry out a co-financing initiative between the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the Social Enterprise Con i Bambini, which would further enhance the opportunities offered by Reconnect for the project. The governance of the intervention is entrusted to a control room, in which the Genoa municipality, the regional school office, the city conference of autonomy, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the foundation for the school participate.

Digital and inclusive Genoa, which reconnects with the funding opportunities offered by Pnrr Education for the benefit of local authorities, implements digitalisation in schools to develop education, learning and training pathways from a systems perspective , which consolidate in the logic of full inclusion. the growth path of children and adolescents, starting from the first years of life and the participation of families.

“Reconnecting to include is part of the Genoa municipality’s consolidated collaboration with the Compagnia di San Paolo and the Foundation for Schools, for the development of pedagogical interventions aimed at urban schools,” said Barbara Grosso, Education Councilor. Yes, a project designed and implemented to combat early school exchange and inspired by two concepts: innovation, ie the ability to design non-traditional pedagogical experiences, including using digital technologies and inclusion, understood as the ability to work with a classroom they work, even a heterogeneous one, without leaving anyone behind ”.

“With the Reconnect project included, implemented as part of the framework protocol with the municipality of Genoa – says Alberto Anfossi, Secretary General of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation – the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation wants to digitally and inclusively promote innovation and creation of educational models “Involving the territory and the education community to combine skills and potential in a shared commitment to the growth and well – being of girls, boys, girls and boys with their schools, territories, reference communities, with the aim of reaching out to everyone and everyone”.

“School management will support the project with all the available skills to build the prospects of success, integrate the various systems and improve the engagement of the schools concerned,” assures Alessandro Clavarino, Director of Office III.

The Reconnecting to Include project, designed in continuity with the rebuilding is not enough intervention promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo and carried out by the Foundation for the School in collaboration with the municipality of Genoa, proposes a model of inclusion and innovation, of which the Training for innovative teaching through digital technologies is the cornerstone – emphasizes Nicola Crepax, Director of the Foundation for Schools. A learning workshop collaborated between teachers and educators to develop the participation and motivation of children and adolescents. and inclusion as a fundamental framework for the prevention of pedagogical failure in early school leaving “.


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