Inauguration of the new welding laboratory of the Di Marzio Michetti Institute sponsored by Walter Tosto

The new one was inaugurated Sweat Workshop of the Institute Ipsas Di Marzio Michetti of Pescaravery excited by Walter Tosto Spa and 20 workstations offer students to practice and learn the secrets of wire, electrodes and gas welding. This was cut off by the headmistress Maria Antonella D’Ascanio on the occasion in the presence of Luca Tosto, Director General of Walter Tosto Spa, Regional Councilor Vincenzo D’Incecco, Councilor Alessio Di Pasquale, Professor Gianluca Ciofani, and students of the. third and fourth grade mechanics and five address fashion.

The company, explains the head teacher, decided to invest in vocational training to figure out a large demand in the market like that of Sweat, recalling how the institute is engaged in partnerships with large local companies. Luca Tosto added:

“We were always close to the ‘Di Marzio-Michetti’ institute and today we decided to take an important step that strongly characterizes our presence by setting up a laboratory that really allows students to change school work directly. start school and focus on the activity of sweat. In fact, the structure, equipped with 20 workstations as well as a mobile virtual simulator that allows it
for the first and second year students start to be familiar with the equipment, it is a unique model in all of Italy when it comes to public schools, which makes us attractive on the labor market
for the training of future welders “.

Directors D’Incecco and Di Pasquale:

“If the business community succeeds in distinguishing the needs of the school and guaranteeing them support and proximity, the way will be opened for young people to reach the world of work. The task and duty of the institutions is to encourage this assembly and to accompany this path, which is fundamental. “Teacher Ciofani reminded that with the machines donated by Walter Tosto, students are able to to practice all the main welding systems, and for the time being the fourth grade students will be working in the workstations, and gradually also the third grade companions under the guidance of the Walter Tosto to do the regional qualifying exam.

The children of the first and second grade, on the other hand, begin to familiarize themselves with the profession by practicing with the virtual mobile sweat simulator, which is an equipment that can be moved between the classes to create a dedicated classroom with a Simulator.fix. In total, we are talking about an investment of 150-200 thousand euros in the school, which has also equipped the laboratory with a state-of-the-art steam extraction system and all workstations with protection and safety systems for children. From now on, the structure will enrich the address of the mechanical production and automotive sector of the Made in Italy line “.


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