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of Chiara Sandrucci

In May, the event is dedicated to undergraduate students from “Stem by Women”, the association that promotes female studies and careers in the tribal sector since 2018

Piedmontese managers return to the office, calling on the “tribal women” who play important roles in science and technology. In May, the next event is planned for undergraduate students of “Stem by Women” in Turin, the association that has been promoting female studies and careers in the tribal field since 2018. The acronym stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”, fields in which women remain in the minority and must be supported. “As in 2019, we will have ‘motivational speakers’, women of reference speaking at a table, followed by a series of activities that are still defined,” he expects. Erika Fundone, 43, co-founder of “Stem by Women”, an association that brings together 30 companies on behalf of this common goal. “In collaboration with our strategic partners, the University of Turin and Polytechnic, we will be talking to women ‘role models’ about their experience.”

You work as the Administrative Director of the family business, Nc Components of Rivoli, which has been operating in the field of industrial automation for over 35 years. His role is transversal, he has the task of coordinating and optimizing the operational activities of the company. “I do not have a tribal education, but I work in the tribal sector and I would like to see many more women in my company: I have been looking for an engineer for some time without finding her, as well as intermediate figures to join the technical office”Explains Fundone, who has always opened the doors of SMEs in schools in alternating school work courses, internships and internships. “But in many years of internships at the company, we only hosted one girl in the technical office: it was 2019, she was looking for us and we welcomed her with open arms.”

Recent analyzes confirm what has been known for some time now: high school is already a gender choice. Girls prefer classical, linguistic or human science courses, rather than scientific or technical institutes where whiteflies remain. A choice that reflects the continuation of the studies. According to Istat data, in Italy only 1 in 6 graduates between the ages of 25 and 34 have a master’s degree, 16.5% versus 37% men. And the glass roof does not forgive, the directors are 3% of the total. Back to the case of Nc Components, despite a lot of attention, it only had 7 women out of 25 employees, none in production. “I would like more, because they bring a plus value, a different point of view,” Fundone continues, committed to the Stem by Women association, not only because the issue is close to her heart, but “for the needs of and small and medium-sized enterprises, which, although sensitive to the issue of “diversity”, are less structured than large groups.

The association is based in Turin, is unique in its kind because it consists mostly of companies (as well as individuals) and works on a double track. “On the one hand, we involve the schools, so that the classes visit the companies, put their noses in, to have real models in front of their eyes and understand that women can also fill different roles – explains Fundone -. On the other hand, we support those who have already embarked on a scientific or technological career. ‘ LinkedIn page and partly published on the website. All professionals from the tribal sector belonging to the associated companies: «Reference figures, models to inspire, examples useful to scratch the prejudices that ultimately limit the aspirations of students» . And it is no coincidence that it is based in Turin. “We were born in this area due to the presence of many parent companies, united by the difficulty of specialized professionals. t with these skills. “Those who are part of the association already have a value system ready to welcome women, an environment that benefits them.”

In the first official meeting three years ago, Emma Grifoni Winters, Chief of Staff of the European Space Agency, stated the reason. This year too, the event will take place in the Industrial Union, for the first time since the pandemic. “It will be a way to meet basic students again and inspire them with the proposed models,” says the co-founder of Stem by Women.

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