“In the marks and the exams the excellence of the De Sanctis Institute”. The results

“The excellence of the De Sanctis Institute in the exams marked”, says the Institute of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, claiming that the numbers confirm this school as “one of the best training centers in Upper Irpinia”.

The Sanctis Institute of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi

“THE EXCELLENCE OF THE INSTITUTE DE SANCTIS OF SANT’ANGELO DEI LOMBARDI IN THE VOTES OF STUDENTS IN THE STATE EXAMS”. Commendable and deserved results of full recognition and flattering judgment for the students of the IISS “F. De Sanctis “of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, who passed the state exam with a very high grade. Of the 154 high school graduates from the various fields of study, 26% graduated with 100 and 9 of them also received honors. The Liceo Classico with 10 votes 100, of which 3 with honors, wins 31% of excellent points in relation to the 32 candidates of the course. The school experience of the high school ended for 21% of the 39 students of the Liceo Scientifico option of Applied Sciences with 8 votes out of 100, of which 2 with honors. Four 100 marks, two of them with honors, for the graduates of the Liceo Linguistico, which with its 24 students reaches 17%. Of the 13 ITE students, 5 graduated with 100, thus achieving the highest percentage of educational successes, equal to 38%. The associated section of Caposele collects 28% of excellent assessments: of the 32 students of the Liceo Scientifico as many as 10 votes 100, of which two with honors, equal to 31% of the examiners of the specialization; in the Lycée des Sciences humaines there are 3 votes 100 from 14 students equal to 21% of those who took the exam.

THE PRESTIGE OF IISS “F. DE SANCTIS “CERTIFIED BY INVALED DATA AND BY THE EDUSCOPIO CLASSIFICATION. The results achieved in the state exams confirm the prestige of the IISS “F. De Sanctis”, confirmed by the INVALSI data, by the Eduscopio classification, in which the various addresses are first among the other institutes in the Province of Avellino are within a radius of 30 km; due to the many successes that students have obtained in competitions in various fields, including extracurricular; from the entrance in the faculties with limited number even before receiving the diploma “, reads a note. The words of the teacher, Prof. Gerardo Cipriano, summarize the satisfaction of the entire school community and the wish for a beautiful future for all new graduates of “De Sanctis”. “I congratulate all the students who completed their studies in our institute and I congratulate those who achieved the maximum score. The results achieved by our students are proof of the quality of training, offered by the institute, and the quality of the work conducted by the teaching staff. The distinguished Francesco De Sanctis, after whom our school is named, said: “Youth, study, educate yourself, be intelligent and good. Italy will be what you will be”. We can only be fully satisfied with our children who have passed an excellent exam and spent five years with dedication and self-sacrifice for their studies, thereby acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for their studies or work and Continue education that will allow them to do so. to face new challenges and make a contribution to our society”.

Gli studenti eccellenti

Classical High School Section For Ciani Giuseppe Pio (100), Gregorio Miriam (100 with honors), Mercadante Vittoria (100), Sarno Aurora (100), Sicuranza Gaia (100), Sect. B Di Troilo Arianna (100), Forgione Luisa (100), Grella Consalvo (100 with honors), Lardieri Michele Francesco (100 with honors), Maglio Carmen (100); Linguistic High School Section To Bohuslavskyi Alexander (100 with honors), Cozza Ilaria (100 with honors), Sect. B Di Biasi Giovanna (100), Megaro Erika (100); Liceo Scientifico Applied Sciences Option Section A Ciani Alessandro (100), Dell’Erario Marika (100), Forgione Francesca (100), Salerno Giuseppe (100 cum laude), Section B Di Santo Alessio (100), Ekhator Wisdom (100), Pescatore Amelia (100), Rubino Angelo (100 cum laude); Scientific High School Sect. To D’Amelio Martina (100), Marsico Vincenzo (100), Pallante Mariacarla (100 with honors), Poto Antonio (100), Raimondo Giulia (100 with honors), Russomanno Rosalinda (100), sect. B Gizzi Sofia (100), Luongo Gerarda (100), Rafaniello Pietro (100), Vitiello Sabino (100); Human Sciences High School Milan Luigi Gerardo (100), Ruglia Nina (100), Sagliocca Maria Antonietta (100); Casciano Felice (100), De Nicola Federica (100), Donatiello Matteo (100), Greco Giulia (100), Verderosa Mariaelena (100).


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