“In the first place, the quality of training”

Denatality and its impact on the future of the school systemfrom primary school: the recognition of the seriousness of the debate in the Commission and the Feeling of responsibilitywhich led to a unanimously approved agenda:

“The most important satisfaction – you explain Education Secretary Andrea Belluzzi -an den share on the agenda. The future topic about the future of the school needs both discussion times and times to share and plan, but it must actually overcome the barricades of the majority and the opposition.

Then do those things, in commitment to one articulated and joint project by the end of the yearwhich leads to reflection Solutionsboth below youdidactic aspect of both school buildings: “We have to sit down the quality of training is paramount. The buildings – Belluzzi observes – are an instrument that we make available for high-quality educational projects. ”

Another agenda, this time with the majority, and the commitments to get young people out restless and again, the comparison will be fundamental. (He asks for an interdisciplinary table to set up and monitor the overall project to reduce inconvenience; as well as to continue with the listening room project, to integrate it into the activities proposed by the teaching staff and coordinated by the Department of Education, including the Preparation of specific professional figures). We start from the experience of School listener pointof the teachers’ proposals, to spread: just today the meeting between Belluzzi and Captains Castle, together with the Secretary of the Interior, Elena Tonnini. Zil: the young people return to sociality in the territory, in the name of culture, arts and sports.

“Do Discussion confirmed in the Commission the opportunity and goodness of the listening point. This is combined with the planning – Belluzzi explains – both to integrate the listening point, to make it more systematic in the school; then one has to start Design Proposalsfir help the children the inconvenience and critique in the new elaborate and manage live socially that the Covid stepped up. The world of School and culture, on this one, really have a lot to say“.

In the video, the interview with the Secretary of State for Education and Culture, Andrea Belluzzi

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