In San Giovanni in Fiore the first school park cycle in Calabria

SAN GIOVANNI IN FIORE – At 9.00 am on Tuesday 24 May 2022 the secondary school of the “Dante Alighieri” Comprehensive Institute of San Giovanni in Fiore, in the Cosentina sila, under the presidency of Loredana Lamacchia and with the communal administration of San Giovanni and Fiore, led by Mayor Rosaria Succurro, will inaugurate the installation of what appears to be the first school park cycle in Calabria.

The Dante Alighieri Institute, thanks to a fruitful collaboration between teachers, Ata staff coordinated by Dsga Domenico Foglia and Scholastic Management, adhered in a convincing and particularly active way to the National Project of Civic Education ‘I care’. This project provides that the students, as part of the annual program of Civic Education – Teaching, introduced last year by Law 92/2019 in all Italian schools of all levels – a concrete experience for caring for children.other or the planet.

“The realization of a concrete care experience contributes to the development of one of the essential elements of civic education, which is the sense of responsibility, a sense of responsibility for the other, for the other, for the community,” says the head of the Dante. Alighieri ‘Institute, Professor Loredana Lamacchia. The project, coordinated by professors Maria Smeriglio and Francesca Tartaglione, was launched at the beginning of the school year with the proposal and implementation of a series of guided tours in the historic center of the city, also in collaboration with the esteemed International Center for Gioachimiti Studies of the City of Montana.

“The aim is to educate our boys and girls to be aware of the richness and monumental and naturalistic beauties of the area, because from here a conscious act of nationality can begin to preserve, strengthen and respect it, that Pope Francis calls us “Common Home”, says the professor of religion Maria Smeriglio, contact person for the project ‘Io ho cura’. led for years by all teachers at the Lycée Dante Alighieri secondary school: in this context a close collaboration was made. Protocol signed with MIUR for the implementation of activities that improve the quality of education of students and staff in terms of health en, safety and sustainability of mobility.

Fiab Cosenza, chaired by Marcello Carbone, talked about the history and main characteristics of the half bike, its maintenance, the clothing worn over the four seasons, and finally the main part of the high school’s high school year. Road safety rules, starting with the indispensable use of a helmet. At the suggestion of teacher Loredana Lamacchia, the Alighieri Institute has also approved the municipal project ‘Amo San Giovanni’, proposing the construction and installation of a proper parking cycle – with 10 bicycle stands – in the courtyard belonging to the school. .

The stands, 80 cm high – a height that allows you to attach the bicycle frame securely – were made by the responsible workers of the municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore, coordinated by the urban decoration councilor Luigi Foglia. “The aim is to educate the students on an alternative mobility to reach the car as a means of transport to school. Particularly enthusiastic is the response of the school children, which started promptly just two days after the arrival of the stands. have to use them “, says the contact person for Civic Education, English teacher Francesca Tartaglione:” The bike is practical, economical, fast and fast., above all, with low environmental impact; the bike allows more autonomy of movement and a unique feeling of freedom, especially enhanced by the scenic beauty that the Silan region offers ”.

The managers of the high schools of San Giovanni in Fiore were also invited to the inauguration of the park cycle of ‘Dante Alighieri’ in San Giovanni in Fiore, as the hope of the manager Lamacchia is that “the students of Alighieri can also find new bicycle stands in the high schools of the city they visit, to find continuity in this practical and effective action of Civic Education ».

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