in Puglia 65 one day last year

Education, employment, job security and legality are topics that will be addressed at a Round Table, organized by Formedil Bari, with particular attention to the construction industry. There are still too many fatalities in the construction sector. In Puglia in the first 10 months of 2021, accidents at work increased by 4.37% compared to 2020, reaching almost 20 thousand. In 2021 in Puglia there were 65 accidents per day and a total of 96 deaths at work. A dramatic figure, unfortunately in line with the general trend of the country. 7,232 inspections were recorded, particularly on the building sites, and 66.65% of the cases found irregularities.

Spotlight on injury training

Education is the fundamental element, because without good training for everyone, employer, designer, engineer, architect, site manager, worker, the risk of injury increases. The meeting also discussed legality and how much crime has infiltrated the good stuff of companies. The Round Table, moderated by journalist Patrizia Camassa, was before the planting of the trees of the “Bosco Diffuso” by the forest police and the delivery of the Falcone tree of legality. This is the theme that the architect Beppe Fragasso, President of Ance Bari-Bat, focused on. The number of companies registered in our Chamber of Commerce from July to December 2021 was 375. Exorbitant growth, many of them with registered offices abroad. The alarm we raised, first at the prefect of Bari and then at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, is clear: has, simply made income.some people, for criminals who have broken the law and engaged in fraud ”.

Ance, Fragasso: “With expensive materials in crisis, the construction sector”

In addition, there is another problem that undermines a sector that was moving at full speed until a few months ago and that is the rise in material prices. “Objectively today with the expensive materials – so further Fragasso – the situation became very serious for those who had the positive aspects for the building, the bonuses, the house plan, the PNRR who started to bear fruit, with the lovely materials we will soon be faced with either deserted vacancies or jobs that start and can not continue because today it costs more to pay for the material than we get paid. ”Formedil Bari President Michele Matarrese also spoke about legality, also underlines the exponential growth of businesses in recent months, but he focuses in particular on job security and the importance of training. “We must promote prevention and safety in the construction sector through compulsory training. We We must ensure that the construction sector becomes attractive to young people. offer, during the training which exceeds 1.50 euros per hour, which is today recognized by the Puglia region, by call. Compulsory education must contrast early school leaving and early school leaving with incentives for training activities. The regional councilor for training and employment, Sebastiano Leo assured that, if not dropped, the small tax, in the support activities of the region, will work for an increase of this amount. Leo stressed the importance of training to combat the school’s premiere, but urged Formedil not to stop in the effort and to try to make the construction sector a trend sector, as it has been in recent years. has happened in agriculture.

“According to the Commissioner, we must carry out communication and marketing campaigns to make it clear that construction is not only important, but also beautiful and trendy. Otherwise, there is a risk that in a few years’ time we will no longer have professional figures, which are also in great demand in certain sectors ». Silvano Penna, director of Formedil Bari, called for a closer relationship with the region to build ways that lead people to train and almost certainly find a place in construction companies. Luigi Sideri Vice President Formedil Bari emphasized that there was enough room for training in the recently renewed contract. Finally, the national president of Formedil, Stefano Macale said that as far as training is concerned “Our schools are already ready, we are waiting for the resolution of June State / Regions outlining the training courses”. On the legality front, the construction sector is often shown as not very legal, but “bilateral systems are a virtuous example that should be encouraged, taken into account by the institutions, the only way to respond to an illegality that often lurks in a sector. is a prelude to last-minute adventures ».


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